what do you all think about plastering your vehicle with pro-gun stickers?

American flag, and one of those "I run a lot" stickers, except instead of 13.1 or 26.2, it says 5.56. Those who know, know, and usually get a laugh at it. My old Jeep had a ton of boating and skiing stickers, but it also had a *paraphrasing* "murder treasonous politicians" sticker on the back. Also had limo tint. Don't know why I got a lot of funny looks 😂
Discussed before in NES.

Look for the photo of the "Come and Take It" truck with the back window busted out and report of stolen gun cases.
I have no gun stuff on my truck
2 small company stickers a couple local band logos and an anti-offshore windmill sticker…
Totally unrelated, but when I was a teenager. I put a LGBT gay pride magnet on my friends car. (Gay flag with the phrase "we are everywhere" )
He never noticed and we were talking on the phone later that week and he was telling me about how guys were speeding up to him smiling and waiving. One guy almost ran him off the road, another guy that week followed him to work and was trying to flirt with him.

I told him to look on the back of his car and he did and we laughed our asses off for days

I did the exact same thing to this Brazilian guy I was on a job with 23 year ago. He was far angrier than I ever thought possible and in fact, I was really worried he was gonna shank me with a paint scraper. I guess his wife found it...
That is a great engine.
I mean it gets horrible gas mileage, and the rest of the truck is gonna fall apart, but it's a helluva engine.
Mileage isn't too bad in a smaller vehicle, it makes my GK Ltd X get up and go when that's needed.
Complete gray man car
Kona Electric with zero stickers
No one puts Electric compact SUV together with guns, ever.

The only people who notice that it exists are other kona EV owners.
Everyone else ignores it - really sucks in parking lots because people actually just walk out in front of me not realizing I'm moving.
I was certified asa SCUBA diver in 1976. The first thing our instructor told us is to NOT put the red and white diver flag sticker on our cars. It just screams "i have expensive equipment" in my car.

Same thing applies to firearm stickers. To me, anyway, the lower profile the better...
This exactly.

The diver-down flag signals to others that you’re a member of that community and gives you the chance of meeting others in that community when they see it.

BUT it’s not a signal you want to send about a parked vehicle - in an isolated parking lot.

Exact same thing goes for gun stickers.

I like/ like the oval NES sticker. Unless you know otherwise it’s nintendo entertainment systems.
My (poor terminally-ill) little truck has:


At first I was a little concerned I was advertising the fact there might be bikes in the back (there are), but for whatever reason, with the cap nobody seems to think of it, and are a little surprised when I pull one out. Tools, yes - bikes, no. But it also I guess communicates that the contents (and occupant) are likely to be dirty, sweat-soaked, and smell really bad. (Also all true.) And in case that last point was lost:

I don’t think it’s a good idea to put any kind of bumper sticker on a car. Not just because it makes you identifiable. I just think people who need to express their opinions to the world are emotionally weak. That’s just how it comes off to me.
You just expressed yours
I always get a kick out of the vehicles covered in 2A and gun related stickers, though personally I'm from the no stickers whatsoever school. In my younger days I'd put plenty of them on my MX race bikes- they are proven to make you faster. ;)

So far I have left a dealer sticker on my new truck. My local dealer is 1.5 miles from my house and wouldn't back off of the 'market adjustment' BS so I found a decent deal at a dealer 20 minutes away. Once my free oil changes have been used up at the local dealer, I'll take their competitor's sticker off my truck.
I put an NRA sticker on my Prius fifteen years ago, it was kind of duality thing. I parked in peaceful, tolerant, Cambridge and came back with "FU&K NRA" keyed into the paint.

I'm looking for the anonymous lifestyle. I drive boring Toyota's in boring colors, no custom tags, no stickers and nevermind that bulge in my waistband.
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