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  • Thank you sir. I also shoot with my son age 15. Just started using the indoor range. Hope to see you at the next meeting. I am easy to spot 6'1" 270 #s with a greenish Browning hat.
    Was great to meet you, too, and thanks for the kind words/rep. You stood out at the shoot as one of the really nice guys of NES... look forward to seeing you around again!
    Thank you for the rep point and your very kind words. You are a genuine asset to this forum.
    Glad to hear it. The 556 must be an awsome rifle. I've seen pictures of the .22 version too. The 226 in 9mm is my favorite Sig with the 220 not far behind. There is alot of good info over at the Sig forum too. Hope you get your rifle soon.


    PS: I have a Sig sight tool if you ever need one to change your sights.
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