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  • Thanks for the rep points!! Shoveling slow is the best way to go, I do just the same!!
    Thanks for letting me dirty up your gear... it was a real education and I really enjoyed seeing what differences there can be in the world of 1911s! Carry-wise, I think I'll stick with the full-size. Next step is to get a better carry holster for the SR. :)
    Thanks for the rep!!! Great job teaching some new shooters and turning around a bad experience for them!!!
    It is a very small club, and the outdoor range only has 5 positions. I'll be there with one other fellow.
    Ok, I will be there between 10 and 11. Should I just call you when i get there? Also, just text or call if the weather is no good.
    Hey, let me know if you'll be at the range next weekend and abouts what time and I can drive out.

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