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Jun 7, 2005
The Land of Confusion and Pissed off!
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I came across this site from It just started up about two weeks ago. It's a style site just for MA. It doesn't have a lot yet, but it seems that the more people give info, the better it could be.

One nice thing is they are coding of all the cities in MA on the ease of getting your LTC. They don't have a lot in the way of message boards, but it's on pace to be a good website if you ever plan on moving and want to know what it's like to get your Class A or have it renewed in that town.

The site is

I hope that I didn't just violate a NE Shooters bylaw. :D

I just thought that I would share.[/url]
I think LenS has more info about gun laws than that site :)

Maybe I serfdit wrong,but I checked the concealed carry for Worcester,and it said regarding issueing LTC A ALP in Worcester "Rarely or never issues" .I got one,so I wanted to check the number of people denied and if there were any reasons they were denied,but I couldn't find anything.

Thanks for the link though.
Greg, thanks for the good words.

That forum's owner was trying to get info from us on MAF a few years ago. He used an alias only and I doubt that many would give an "unknown" their personal info. For instance, if I gave him my exact experience, anyone at my PD would know exactly who it was that was being described. Likewise if I gave him info on a business associate who got the run-around for 6 months in another town, anyone from that PD would know exactly who was being described. Posting those kind of remarks on the Internet can be dangerous and thus the info may not be totally reliable.

Also, those of us with "perceived power" in our communities likely get treated better than "Joe Taxpayer" who is an unknown and has no political clout.

Some of us hear or read things that happen in another town . . . but we really can't know if this is typical or not for that town. Example: I know someone who bitched to me that his chief wouldn't renew his LTC. Since I happen to know his chief (now retired) fairly well, what really happened was that he lied on the application when asked about any arrests . . . he had been arrested ~40 years ago, spent at least one night in jail and failed to report it on the LTC application. The chief denied him as an unsuitable person for lying . . . but the chief could have prosecuted him for perjury (you sign the form under pains and penalties of perjury) if he wanted to be a real hard-ass. As the chief told me, it's inconceivable that someone would "forget" that they spent time in jail!! I can attest to that, just from my experience of having to use the toilet in the Hopkinton PD's jail cells when we were working the Marathon many years ago . . . it was spooky to be in there and that was with the cell doors wide open, armed and in full uniform (hopefully they had the cameras turned off [oops] )!

I have found the info on spotty as well. I have seen some info that was very wrong, as well as some good info on there.
OK, I just thought that they were trying to do a good thing for us folks in MA. :D

I never really thought of it like that Len. But then again I've only been here for 3 or so years. So I'm still learning all the things about this state that you guys have known all your lives.

When I first moved here, I was shocked on the things needed to keep my guns, let alone buy one. Back in the midwest and south, all we needed was a drivers license.

If you go to the Mass page on Packing.Org there is the same information concerning the difficulty in obtaining CCW permits in individual communities. Its about halfway down on the page.

Bugie (happy it's Friday!)
They are trying to do a good thing, but due to a number of factors the accuracy may or may not be good.

Take all the info you can get, it may be useful, but don't rely on it as "fact".

The example I gave where the guy lied on the form is a case in point. There is a new chief in his town and a new licensing officer (since this March) and they accepted his application again (I assume he "remembered" to put down the arrest this time [twisted] ) and he expects to get his LTC issued shortly. [That's what he told me last Sunday when I saw him.] or the other site won't likely get updated on the new "chain of command" for quite some time. Thus, the unsuspecting won't be aware of any policy changes.
Yea, I don't take these places as fact. Hell, I have friends that are cops, and even they say that they don't konw ALL the laws.

I would just use them to start the process of finding information. I do think that the more that people tell the stories about how they got their LTC, the information would start to level out.

But yes, one or two people doens't tell a good bit of information about one town.

I do think that Goal is a good place to look for information. They are pretty good about knowing what, who and keeping up with the latest when you are thinking about moving.
I checked out the mass carry site , posted some info about my town , and a topic and an anecdote. None of them appeared on the site. Either I am "unsuitable" or some one doesn't spend a lot of time maintaining thier own web site .. whatever it was , it left an unfriendly feeling with me. haven't been back ....
I checked out the site. I thought it seemed like they were just trying to suss out the good, the bad and the ugly. Do you think they have ulterior motives?
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