Kennedy is a no vote.

I was gonna ask what the heck is wrong with his voice. But figured I'd google it. "Spasmodic Dysphonia " in case anyone else was wondering. I don't know, I like they guy, but don't know a ton about him, I wasn't born and raised in NE so I'm not really in the know about the Kennedys aside from common knowledge, but the guy is interesting and seems to be vocal about the BS and corruption.
Be thankful for his condition, if he could speak clearly he’d probably be President. I think most of American is sick of the two party bullshit. They also want a guy who has both read a book aaaand can walk up stairs.
Hard to believe that this is still a thing. There is only ONE thing that matters now, and only ONE thing. And that thing is doing all we can to keep the Dementia controlled leftist puppet from getting another 4 years in the WH as this country can't take anymore of the leftist destruction.

I know its human nature to discuss why the Titanic hit the iceberg, heck I do it myself, but the seriousness of what lies ahead means all irrelevancies are just that, irrelevant and must be put aside.

Every effort, every dollar, every vote must get behind the large rock and push and put and end to the Leftists who have seized control of the courts, the media and the White House.

Hyperbole this is not, it really is that serious.
Was thinking about getting some RFK bumper stickers just to watch the heads explode
The more they think he's a threat the more disillusioned they will be
RFK stickers everywhere in Mass Imagine the chaos.....
Wait, he was a maybe/yes vote BEFORE this statement? [rofl]

Once a commie, always a commie.
An idea that in a modern society there can be a winning pro-gun politician is outright ridiculous.
Whole machine is aimed at minimizing of all individual rights in the name of a “collective responsibility “. Socialism is coming like a juggernaut.
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