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Nov 8, 2005
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    1. 84ta406
      No way, I dont work there, theyre way over priced on just about everything. 14.75 for a box of Blazer 9mm.. I work in manufacturing in Worcester. Couple good buys going on. Aero Precision AR10/15 lowers, Anderson Lowers and LPKs. Another one for Glock AR lowers, uppers, BCG and I have a AR500 target buy going on.
    2. Claybreaker!
      What are you looking to do at your club? I need info for having a rifle range built professionally.
    3. Proud Citizen
      Proud Citizen
      They had about 10 boxes left of the ZQI in the ammo cabinet after I bought 3. The ammo is brass cased and isn't green tip. It says its "NATO Quality", whatever that means. Its manufactured in Turkey. 33 cents a round is a good deal for brass case 5.56 in my book!
    4. vickers
      The girl in my Avatar is Yvonne Strahovski. She's an Australian actress who started out on the show Chuck as a secret agent and love interest for the title character. She has been on Dexter and I think is now on the new 24 mini-series.

      Smoking hot.
    5. mark056
      Thank you very much for the rep point.nto the fold. To comment on your remarks: I'm not so sure that some can be brought into the fold for whatever reasons. Too much hate, too much anger or simply too much ego. I honestly wish I knew. We definitely need to build bridges not burn them, but we need to ensure and I most definitely include myself, that our individual houses are in order. IMO too many people with too many agendas other than 2A, but then again it might not be that simple. All the best !
    6. bostonasphalt2
      Hey there,

      ACAB is an acronym for "All Cops Are Bastards". It is typically related to gang tattoos.
      Hope that helps.
    7. sieveboy
      no thanks, I want to keep the mags with the p89
    8. *chris*
      Clean out your inbox so I can contact you about the BCG!
    9. diesel

      Didn't care for H-S. Pullman was great.
    10. atilla
      i don't have your email address saved. inbox is full. ranges closed saturday until the spring clean-up is done. it would be awesome if you could help out as i won't be able to make it this year for it. already had plans for the weekend.
    11. atmay
      Doug! Your inbox is full dude. Anyway, we moved to NH a few months ago....that's where I've been.
    12. minininjer
      "Taller"??! Wow, that's a compliment, thank you, Sir [laugh]
    13. minininjer
      [laugh] Are you keeping your inbox full on purpose? I cannot for the life of me remember your first name! ...old age [rolleyes][smile] Just wanted to say that it was nice to finally meet you. Hope you got a chance to see the couple of pics I shot of you and your signs. -Cindy
    14. Dench
      your inbox is full
    15. MAshooter1
      Clear your inbox out! :)
    16. mark056
      Thanks for the rep point. I hope that you are right about things turning around.
    17. Mfarnham
      No relation to Farnhams from Auburn. My family is pretty much from Sutton and Westborough.
    18. cyberlogicx
      Tried to PM you, your inbox is full.
    19. JohnMarston
    20. mark056
      Thanks for the rep point. This forum is really starting to slide into never-never land.
    21. MisterHappy
      If you're asking what town I do the concert, it's Framingham
    22. CIby1012
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