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Reilly is a cynical, transparent political hack.....

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Jan 14, 2006
Central Mass
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Pandering to the electorate at the lowest possible level of scumbaggery.

What does he think he's going to do, outminoritize Deval Patrick?

This woman is nothing more than a bone thrown out to the far left of the democratic party. She's less qualified to be Governor than Jane Swift and that's saying a lot. Why not just choose Diane Wilkerson and be done with it?

Every Mass resident on this board owes it to the Commonwealth to do everything within their power to see to it that this empty suit does not get elected governor.

Polliticians make me sick :x

Especially Reilly when he tries to remind everyone of how he grew up poor. That may be true then but now all he is is a puppet for the Irish Vault of businessmen in Boston. His buddies who sold out their companies, I'm talking about Murray and Gifford, then you have O'Neill, Cullinane, Cashman, Regan and Connors. They're the ones pulling the strings behind the scenes. It's all one big hackerama, their sense of entitlement is beyond belief!
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