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One good reason NOT to put plastic on your AK47

I never shot an AK. I only shot a rifle once and a shotgun once. Other than that just pistols. Must be cool to shoot an AK though.
I don't think people realize how hot a gun barrel can actually get. I've heard about Swiss soldiers firing their K31 rifles rapid fire, stacking them (using the stacking swivels so 3 rifles form a tripod), then standing around them to keep their hands warm.
As for the video, I wish I could find the image a friend of mine was telling me about with a soldier standing holding an AK with his hand up and a caption that said something like Keep that crap off my AK.[laugh]
How many safety violations can you spot in that short video clip?

Three? No eye protection, finger on the trigger, the guy showing him how to load may not have hearing protection, but I can't tell. Am I missing something?
I agree- wood is much better [smile]



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