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  • I miss you, Darius, my friend. Godspeed.

    Gone but not forgotten. [sad2]
    Godspeed, Darius. You were one of the world's true gentlemen.

    You are missed, my friend.

    I just heard of your illness...and the prognosis. I am so very sorry for the hand you have been dealt. For some reason, God seems to need help in heaven and only takes the very best before their time.

    I want to thank you, on behalf of the 2nd amendment community, for all that you've done while on this earth. Please know that you legacy will live on in the hearts of freedom loving people, and that your life was productive and meaningful. You will not be forgotten.

    I pray that your transition to God is peaceful. Until we meet on the other side....

    Darius don't know if you remember me I recently took the NRA home safety and pistol with you and Jon. Happy New Year! Hope you are ok. Chris Folco
    It has been too long. I am due to go into the hospital this week. Back trouble!

    I will call you after I'm released next week. I will be at the Brigham & Women's hospital in Boston. I dont have a room number yet.


    PS Someone emailed me asking if I would do an LTC appeal for him. I told him I don't do that sort of thing. He may be calling you this week. I don't have his name, and he is not a client of mine. Good luck!

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