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  • Hey, where did u get the front sling mount? I have a kvar handguard that i wanna put a sling mount on.
    Hi Ray,

    After surfing the threads, I just found/figured out the reps. on the "settings" page.

    Wanted to say thanks for the positive reps you left me on the 9/11 rememberance thread!!!

    Take care,
    Hi Ray, I think your the man to talk too. I have three SKS rifles I am going to put up in the classifiedes and I am not sure how to price them and was wondering if you could help give me an idea on value. Two are Romy 59/66s in good shape and appear to be all matching. The third is what I believe to be a Russian made in 1954, it has the star with an arrow stamp on the reciever cover and a diamond above that. It's all matching and finish is like new. The stock is laquered and in excellent shape and the rifle does have improter marks on it. Any idea on what a fair asking price would be for these? Any input would be appreciated.


    Saw you were the lucky one to win the NES Sig congradulations!!
    Knowing how little you shoot handguns I made the call up to Sig in New Hampsire and the make a SKS concersion for that gun.

    Wish you & the family a good new year
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