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high capacity magzines in MA

Apr 7, 2006
New England
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I know I've read something about the regulations concerning possession of high capacity magazines in MA, but I can't find them right now. There seems to be some confusion between and "assault" weapon such as a semi-auto shotgun that can accept a detachable magazine holding more than 5 shells, and a high capacity "feeding device" such as a magazine that can accept more than 5 shells but does not fit a semi-auto shotgun. For example a large capacity magazine for a pump shotgun.

Can any members point me to the regulation and give some guidance in interpretation?
high capacity feeding device

Thanks jonj. I had seen the material in the first link (and was still confused) but the second link did help some. From what I've been able to determine, a shotgun with a detachable magazine capable of holding more than 5 shells is legal in MA as long as the owner has an "A" LTC.
High capacity mags

LenS and Jonj, thank you both for help with this. I'm glad I joined the forum as it's turning out to be the "best in class" from what I can see.
We're glad you joined too.

The members here are what makes this forum great and "best in class". Keep up the good work.
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