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Feb 27, 2005
Plymouth, MA
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I took the Hakim out to oil up and thought a snap a pic. 8mm brash chucker that is very accurate to boot. A fun rife to shoot.
The Hakim is a hoot to shoot. Heavy too. About 10 pounds, loaded.
The SVT-40 was my first C&R license purchase.
Jon J a friend of mine has two of these,and he told me somthing about the Gas Cut-off feature?? so as to regulate the ammunition being used to eject
properly, have you heard anything about this? or was i thinking of somthing
else? also what is a SVT-40? thanks S/D
Yes the Hakim does have an adjustable gas system. It allows for a wide range of ammo loads. The SVT-40 does as well.

The SVT-40 is a Soviet rifle built 1940-45. Semi-Auto, some say the Russians answer to the M1 Garand. I wouldn't go so far as to agree with that. 10 rnd detachable mag that was designed to be stripper fed (spare real SVT mags cost over $100). It fires 7.62X54 ammo.
Here's a link to some info on the SVT:

Hay JonJ that was some great information and another super web-sight
i have seen this rifle before and always called them Tokarev,s but i didnt
know the proper desagnation term SVT-40 so thanks for my further education
Sheriff Dudley.
Hakim, Hakim, very nice and accurate, fun to shoot. I've had a few of them myself and finally found one recently good enough to hang onto.
JimR said:
Hakim, Hakim, very nice and accurate, fun to shoot. I've had a few of them myself and finally found one recently good enough to hang onto.
Ya it is.
I got a good deal on this one with the bayo (no scabbard) and a spare barrel even though it doesn't need it. The gas adjustment was stuck but I got a nice machined tool for it. Broke it free after a couple days of soaking in CLP.
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Cross-X said:
So where is your Hakim from? Is it Turkish, per chance?
Sorry, I should have mentioned that. The Hakim is Egyptian. It was based on the Swedish Ljungman rifle. The Swedes sold the tooling to the Egyptians in the fifties. I think this rifle was the 1st year of production, I can't remember right now when it was built.
The Egyptian 8mm Hakim is one of my favorite rifles she's big and a little not so purdy at first but she sure draws attention with the muzzle blast at the range. I had 6 of them but i have 4 left now all in tip top working order. You must disassemble the gas valve and clean & lube the threads with an anti-seize so it remains free. You have to adjust the gas valve to the ammo your using too or accidents can happen. If the gas valve is all the way open at the 6 oclock position pointing at the shooter and with a hotter ammo it can pull out/extract the fired case with the breech pressure still in the barrel. Thus hitting the shooter in the face with hot gases like an out of battery firing. My hakims run around 1 or 2 clicks open from fully closed on the gas valve it seems to be the norm but your gun and ammo may vary.

I use only moly anit-seize and moly to lube all my guns. It elimates all wear, reduces friction and prevents galling too. It stays wet and were you put it and doesn't attract dirt too. The gun is ready to rock n roll even after long term storage. The gun will cycle faster and smoother too. I put it on the trigger sears too it lessens the trigger pull by up to 50% right away and more as it works into the pores of the metal. Moly works into the pores of the metal so there is no metal to metal contact its moly against moly thus no wear. I use it in pistols, revolvers, bolt action and semi-auto rifles.
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Here's how i adjust my Hakim;

On the hakim the gas valve adjusts how much gas goes thru the system to operate it. So the less its open the better so the receiver/bolt carrier don't get hammered and the bolt carrier won't try to pull out the fired case too early. Remember the more the gas valve is closed the better it is.

Turn the gas valve all the way clockwise is fully off then open the valve one click counter clockwise then load one round and fire it. If it cycles and the bolt carrier locks open(last round fired empty mag) your pretty close to having it set right. Then i will load two rounds and try it. If it cycles flawlessly with authority its set ok if it seems a little slow/lazy just open the valve one more click counter clockwise and thats it.

The Rasheed and SVT-40 have the same design as the hakim so adjusting them is pretty much the same way too.

On the FN49 the gas system is different the gas port is an exhaust port it adjusts how much excess gas is adjusted away from the system. So start with the gas port wide open and close it till it cycles by loading one round at a time till the bolt carrier locks open(last round fired empty mag) Then try two rounds to see how it cycles if its ok your good to go, if it seems slow/lazy open it just a little more and try it again. Remember on the FN49 the more the valve is open the better it is.

These awesome guns will give us many years of shooting pleasure if we adjust them correctly everytime we change brands of ammo they must be readjusted. Besafe enjoy..
[smile] Good info, thanks for sharing. I will, and I repeat... I WILL have a nice semi auto come summer time. Be it SVT 40, Hakim, Ljungman, FN 49, whatever, there will be a new semi auto addition once I find the right rifle.
On the Russian SVT-40 Tokarev the gas ports are very small and you have to make sure the scribed lines on the gas valve are lined up perfectly or you won't get the gas flow that is needed to cycle the SVT properly it will single shot. You must see where it is adjusted before you shoot it too. The norm seems to be the 1.3 setting depending on what ammo your shooting. Again the lower the setting the better. If the recoil on the SVT-40 is hitting you like a baseball bat stop because the bolt carrier is slamming the rear of the receiver because its got too much gas the valve is open too far. Adjusting these adjustable gas valve guns are very important to the guns longevity. After the gun is adjusted to were it feels right you can inspect the fired empty case for extractor marks too. That can tell you if you have it right or not too. If the gas valve is too far open the case will have heavy extrator marks too. Besafe enjoy...
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