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  • thanks so much buddy it make me feel alot better the new papers and new make me look sooo bad and they have people be leaving there stuff i am happy 2 till my story i just want my story to get out there i am happy that you and alot of other know the truth.the other case dismissed and i am out on this one so they cant have 2 much of a case i did nothing wrong after raid i didnt even get arrested you no its bull we got 2 stand up 4 are rights all they are tryin 2 say i am in control of a locked safe with no key and thats why im charged dont they sound dum
    wareham police seized guns i am known as a scumbag will on that case i tryed stopping a mad man with a gun cops arrested everyone there and i explain that under that posting that case is dismissed.....on this will all guns are legal my mom she has cr fid ffl the guns were in a locked safe it took police 30 days to send me a summon saying i could have been in control will the safe was now if i am so0oooo bad i think i would be in jail i am not now what a good case they got i diid not thing wrong shit bag no the story be 4 u say stuff about it
    I just looked through my oddball brass and I only found 1 piece of Prvi Partizan 7.5x54. It's hardly is worth stopping by for. Either I have lost the other couple of pieces or it was 7.65x54 Arg. brass (I do have 4 pieces of Norma in this caliber) all along.
    I'm thinking that Hansen's in Southport has a couple of boxes of MAS ammo, but it may be berdan primed. You've seen that brand in the light blue box, I suspect. It isn't Prvi Partizan, it may actually be of French mfr...I don't recall. Chances are, I'll be stopping by there tomorrow, as well.
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