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Dennis in MA

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Feb 12, 2007
Police said the man was walking with family members when he saw Sullivan speeding nearby. The victim and Sullivan exchanged words with one another, at which point Sullivan allegedly made derogatory comments about the victim’s race and told him to “go back to China.”

Sullivan then allegedly drove into the man with his vehicle, causing the victim to land on the hood of his car. Sullivan is alleged to have driven about 50 yards with the man on his hood before stopping suddenly.

After the victim fell off the hood of the car, Sullivan is alleged to have yelled at him to “go back to China” again before driving forward and hitting the man a second time with the vehicle. The force of the impact sent the victim into a construction zone; the victim fell into an open ditch about 10 to 15 feet below.

Maybe he should have gone back to China. ;)

LOL It's a bad look isn't it......

He looks like every old lady at the hairdressers around Neponsett Circle. ROFL!!!!!

Dip Dungles

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Sep 5, 2012
Central MA
NES is slacking today.
1.) mag dump
2.) drop a deuce on his hood
3.) throw keys in the sewer
4.) bang wife while he watches

Home in time for dinner and desert.
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