US freezes export of civie firearms and ammo for 90 days

I used to sell software that was ITAR controlled. I had to have the lawyers fill out forms and have them approved by the gov before I could give a demo license to armies and government agencies in LATAM.

They were right there with jet engines, machine guns, nuclear material.

I thought it was so cool, the lawyers couldn't understand why I was happy when the gov classified the software that way.

I told them, while it would take longer to close a deal, it just made my sales process so much better and my product more valuable. And it worked, the process was simple, I inundated the lawyers with request, they sent the approvals and I closed a ton of business.
I did some work on an LCD once upon a time ago that involved swapping the blacklight LED array for one that could be white or NVIS compatible.

Because the blacklight used LEDs that were in a specific wavelength, we had to get ITAR certifications....for LEDs.
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