Transfer/registration dilema

Dec 30, 2005
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A long time ago (pre 1998, either in the 70s/80s) relative A got his pistol permit (In MA). He bought a handgun (In MA). When his handgun permit expired he gave the pistol to his friend out of state (NH). Relative later got into some "complications" and cant get a new permit now even if he wanted many years later. Relative B got his permit recently and relative A wants to give him the pistol who he put into the care of an out of state person. Can Relative B go and transfer this handgun at a gunstore to himself without worrying about anything?
Just an FYI, but the state DESTROYED all records of gun transactions prior to 1986, and ALL BLUE CARDS prior to 1998.

So, MA has no idea who owns this gun or where it is/has been.

It's not clear to me from your message if Person B is now a MA Resident or not.

Assuming s/he is, that person can take direct possession of the gun and file an FA-10 as a "registration", NO FFLs, NO info on "seller" needed, just info on gun and "buyer" (new possessor).

That will do the trick on paperwork. I won't tell you whether or not that would be legal transfer, as I'm not an attorney.
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