Talk to me about Japanese Arisaka Type 99 WWII rifles

Military Rifles of Japan by Fred Hunnicut and F. Patt Anthony covers quite a lot of ground on the subject and has photos of the different types, production series and variants. And there are several other less expensive books out there. Might want to see if yours has matching assembly numbers. Numbers are on bayonet lug, bolt, extractor, firing pin, dust cover. etc. They spent more time stamping numbers on their rifles than polishing. Numbers may or may not match last three of s/n depending on manufacturer.

Thanks for the info. All numbers match except for the bolt. Too bad. All matching would have been nice, but sounds like very unrealistic.
OP had a page whine about how he's not going to reload. But presumably Fiochhi or someone still makes that for $1 a round or something.

My kid's "first rifle" (it was mine, legally, but he called dibs on it) was an Arisaka....he went to Marlboro, and bought a bayonet; he found ammo (that I bought, or course) and was shocked at the price.

"Welcome to the world of collectible antiques, kid." [laugh]
I don't know if they had any type 99s. I'll try and remember to look the next time I'm there which will likely be soon.
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