Someone in southern NH help me out?

Apr 20, 2006
Plaistow, New Hampshire. USA
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Hello all I'm glad I found this site earlier today as it seems to be the first useful one I've come across, I live in Plaistow, NH which is near the Derry/Salem area on the Haverhill, MA border.
Although I've had a long interest in firearms, I'm fairly new with actually firing them. I've lived in Plaistow, NH for a few years, but only recently have I found someone to share my interest with, my girlfriend's stepdad. Real nice guy and he's helped me out with my first few gun purchases (I'm really into the military surplus, the uglier the better too... for some reason) and fire off a few rounds at a nearby sandpit.
The problem? The sandpit is near him, about a 2 hour drive. [frown]
I'd like to try to find some place (and people) closer by so I can have some fun more often. If it means joining a club, or a local sandpit or public land, that's fine... I just don't like the idea of shooting alone, not to mention I'm not so sure where I'd do it anyway. The gun clubs near here seem to be well-stocked with members, and the officers are hard to reach without seeming like you're bugging them (since their information numbers are apparently their home numbers.)
So, in short, if you don't mind hanging a bit and shooting with someone fairly new (I'm a nice, quiet guy, very friendly.) or showing them around a club, please let me know.
I really want to try out my new Romanian WASR-10... it's my first big "dream" purchase (yes, an ak, maybe I'm odd) while I have a week or so off from work.

If anyone is interested, my first 3 guns, in order were:
a Turkish Mauser (1936 according to the markings, dinged up darkened wood but it shoots very well and very fluidly, I love it. I've always loved the sound the Mauser bolt makes, and I wanted to get a German surplus, but... couldn't afford it.)

a CZ-52 (I just wanted an inexpensive pistol to carry when I didn't feel like taking out or cleaning the Mauser... then I realized that the ammo is $10 for 50 rounds (expensive... to me... especially someone who is new and misses a lot [smile]

Finally, a Romanian AK WASR-10... haven't even shot it yet... can't wait for friend to get some time off for me to drive up.

These may seem like odd choices for a beginner, but, I've had a longtime time fascination with firearms and the military (flatfeet kept me out when I wanted to join years ago) so the Mauser and AK are basically a given that I would buy them asap.

Sorry for the length whoever bothered to keep reading.
Sounds like you have a good start on your collection. I'd suggest you consider taking an NRA course, either Basic Pistol or Basic Rifle. Either of these classes will give you a solid grounding in the fundamentals of shooting.

I'm sure someone who lives near you or is familiar with your area will respond to your message soon.

Hi TS76. Welcome to the board. I can't help you with ranges and such because I'm south of Boston but I'm sure someone will chiming in real soon.
Odd choices? I don't think so. You'll find quite a few milsurp lovers here!
Good luck!
M1911 said:
Why don't you join Pelham. Isn't that close to you?

I would, the problem is I can't seem to get ahold of the folks who'd be able to help me out with info
Pelham for example is listed as "Members Only", that you have to be "Sponsored" (which is hard if you don't know any shooters, let alone members)

I've sent emails to them, Plaistow, and Exeter for a while but haven't gotten responses. Their contact phones are personal phones and the last thing I want to do is bother the folks I'm trying to join up with.

Maybe I'm too timid for my own good...

I'm hoping to find even members of those clubs who can point me in the right direction.

Thanks for the help so far guys [grin]

P.S. the [mg] emoticon is hysterical.
I would make a call to one of the contact numbers, they wouldn't put them out there if they didn't expect to receive some calls. Just make it a brief call or message letting them know you're interested in joining.

Other options;

Show up at one of their matches or a Sunday morning trap shoot. (most of those are open to the public) talk to someone about joining, get an app or a better contact number.

If you can find out when they have their general meetings, show up for one of those and speak to one of the club officers. We've had several members join our club that way, we just ask for someone to volunteer as a sponsor & take it from there.

Good luck in finding a club.
I agree with cdkayak. Just give them a call, tell them you'd like to join, but you don't know anyone there. I doubt you'll have any problem getting someone to sponsor you. Just be pleasant, well-groomed, and safe when you actually meet them at the club.
M1911 said:
Just be pleasant, well-groomed, and safe when you actually meet them at the club.

Lucky for me, I'm all of the above. [smile]
I just want a hassle-free range to pass the time and ease some stress every so often... and justify the cost of all this stuff.[wink] Seems silly to buy it and not use it.

I left a message again at a local club, maybe something will turn up.
Don't be surprised if it takes ages for them to get back to you. If they have scheduled meetings, I suggest that you just show up at one of their meetings.

We've got an answering machine at the gun club that I belong to. If I'm lucky, I check messages once a month. In contrast, I answer e-mail within a day or two.
Welcome to the forum.

Please do yourself a favor . . .

Do a Google search for a club website, check for activities scheduled (pistol, rifle, skeet/trap, etc.) and go visit them 1/2 hour before any scheduled event. I can almost guarantee that you'll find someone who will be more than willing to show you around, hook you up with the info you need to join and perhaps even sponsor you. Otherwise invariably someone on the BOD will sponsor a person after they meet and talk with them.

There are other threads you can search here about the membership thing. It is NOT onerous and not an impediment if you don't know anyone there. You just need to talk with someone there.

Like JonJ, I can't directly help you as I"m about 60-70 miles SW of you.

Good luck.
iamjmack48 said:
On Pelham's website.... "The Membership Secretary will be in the club office Saturdays from 10:00 am to noon; (603) 635-8311." ....try that.
Oooo thanks man. I've been to the site, even mailed an app but hadn't heard anything. I figured it was because I wasn't already a member or sponsored. Having a person there would help! I'll check it out on Sat. [smile]

Litchfield isn't very far at all, especially compared to the alternative, thanks Villiage I'll check them out too.

Thanks guys, I know of a few places, it just seemed hard lately to get ahold of anyone involved. Stupid me but I just felt awkward leaving messages on personal phones... yeah I know that's what their there for... but it felt odd.

Thanks for the insight and help though, I've got a few new leads, found out about a pistol pin shoot nearby this Sunday it should provide just the opportunity.
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Oooo thanks man. I've been to the site, even mailed an app but hadn't heard anything. I figured it was because I wasn't already a member or sponsored.
Wrong assumption. Gun clubs are volunteer organizations run by folks who have lots of more important things to do. You've got to take action to follow up, because chances are your application either got lost, or forgotten, or whatever. Nevertheless, you have to go there in person. Just show up when the membership secretary is supposed to be there. If you've got a phone number for him, give him a call beforehand to make sure he'll be there.

Remember, this isn't a business for the club leadership. They're not getting paid for this; they've got a real job and family obligations. Things WILL fall through the cracks unless you make a concerted (and polite) effort to follow up.
Well, I R dumb.
Following the multiple advices, the most important of which being the, "they all have day jobs" part... I went down to the Plaistow club just a short while ago.
Voila, I'm handing them a check in an hour and hopefully on Thursday all will be well. [smile]

Thanks for the help!

P.S. [mg] Why? Just because the emoticon makes me laugh.
Wish I could, one of my many next steps is to get a MA license.
Being soooooooooo close to the MA border I figure it's a good idea, it's hard to tell sometimes if you're in MA or not and last thing I want is to have a gun in my car at the time.

As it is, I'd be VERY illegal.


My post to you reminded me that we needed to cover this legal issue by addressing the legal "loophole" allowed by law.

Take another look at my last post in the referenced thread and you'll see that we'll have it covered for you and others in a similar situation.

This solution is well documented in MGL and we've used it the past 2 years to keep everyone legal attending the various training programs that Jim Conway has brought to the area.

You will find the MGL citation and more info on how this is done in the following thread:
Wow, you folks are great!
Learn something new every day.
Thanks for the invite... but...
given the fact that I'm quite the newbie
I'm not sure if I'm ready to embarass myself in front of you
folks just yet. [grin]
ts76 said:
....that I'm quite the newbie
I'm not sure if I'm ready to embarass myself in front of you
folks just yet. [grin]

NEVER feel this way! Three years ago I attended a CMP-sponsored clinic, shot a rifle for the first time and the very next day partook in an NRA shoot (Garands). I felt the same as you but, I actually did not come in last and NO ONE cared or even asked my score!

We don't care if you come strictly to meet folks and shoot the shit, or shoot a .22LR. It matters not, it is strictly a "meet, greet and shoot" so that NES'rs get an opportunity to meet the folks behind the funny usernames.

I believe that Newton, NH has a gun club that's pretty open; that should be pretty close.

I'm in the process of joining Haverhill Hound, Rod, & Gun; that's close by too but since it's MA I'm guessing you're not interested... [wink]
I was down to Pelham last week to pick up an order of targets from a club member. He showed me around and I was impressed. Everyone I met at the club was very friendly and I'm sure you will be happy being a member. I'm heading down for some highpower matches this season.

I just love embaraseing myself and getting beat by 16 year olds.....
Thursday night I'm going to a meeting for the Plaistow one, they waived the 1st meeting I should've gone to since I missed it by two days, which was quite nice of them.
Otherwise I'd have to wait another month.
Plaistow was the 1st to respond to my messages and they seem like great people. Just as well too, since they're like 2min away.
There is an idoor pistol range (although higher caliber magnums aren't allowed), rimfile rifles are also ok.
The outdoor rifle range isn't much at the moment, a table witha big pile of dirt about 40yds away but, it's there and I can shoot my AK at it and sight my Mauser, so I'm more than happy. I suspect this "battle" AK won't be terribly accurate anyway, at least not until I get a scope or at least finally get to shoot it and see what kind of group (if any :p) I can get.
***I just want to shoot damnit!! [grin].***
That and it's even only $50 a year.

That being said, if anyone wants company, I'll come to pretty much anywhere in NH if I have the time. (No license elsewhere so NH it'll have to be. With the exception of that competition thing, if I read LenS' words right.)

don't worry about embarrassing yourself at the shoot - as far as I know, the only requirement is that it's for NortheastShooters folks - and you already qualify on that score!

That said, it'll probably be either my first or second time to the range with my new Garand, so you won't be the only one there with a new gun!

Great thread guys!

This is my first summer in NH. I tried Pelham R&G but they asked for a referrel and also require me to do some kind of interview. Guy there that I talked to was pretty cool but all I do is show up and shoot.

I think I will go to Lodonderry F&G, only $100 for first year annual membership and no referral required.

I just bought some sweet weapons from Riley's and Lewis's and am dying to try them all out. If any of you guys want to meet up and shoot please PM me.
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Please read my earlier post here and do a search for prior posts on "referral" or "references".

Clubs are not hard-ass on "you have to know someone or else we won't accept you".

I just joined Mansfield (officially this past Sunday, after my orientation) and filed my application with no name/signature for a "reference" . . . since said person wimped out and had the gall to party on his B-day instead of showing up for their BOD meeting. [wink]

The club president said "no reference, hmm, well that's no problem". So even if C-pher had wimped out again (he didn't [grin] ) and failed to show up for the general membership meeting, it very much sounded like they would have voted me in anyway. Just an example of what I'm talking about . . . it's there but NOT intended to chase folks that are new to the club/area away.
Here is the link for the membership committe for pelham. I did some shooting there when I was in the merimack valley pistol league. It's a nice club. We shot there a lot because they fielded three

I shot better there than at my home range as we were there so much.

[email protected]
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What did you think of the Plaistow Rod & Gun?

I live in Hampstead, just north of you. I'm trying to find a club to join but some of the club rules are getting on my nerves.

Most of the clubs I've researched or talked to prohibit things like drawing and shooting, or shooting on the move, even if I'm the only person on the range.

Since I carry primarily for SD not being able to do anything but shoot bullseye from the bench isn't the most useful thing.

Anyway, curious what Plaistow is like.
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