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Cluster F

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  • The A1 gov. 5" GI A1 gof 5", The A2 4", A2 5" I think this is the tac without the rail. All black only 45 only. No tac with full dust covers.
    The 1911 A2 5" is on a long time back order.
    I JUST GOT BACK from Iraq in June doing Convoy Security... BUT we had Maxx Pro MRAPs, damn near indestructable!
    Hey Devil Dog... 7051 here too. New River in the 90s. South Weymouth before it closed! Merry Christmas!

    i have a wasr with 4 mags 4 475... i bought it from zero hour used its a very fun gun i bought when i had my fid i know have my class a and want to upgrade so thats why i am selling it never had any problems with it since i bought it i prolly put 300 400 rounds through it at the range with non corrosive wolf ammo ...if you dont kno about wasr's from all the 1s i seen usually hav the canted sight and mag wobble but none of that has made the gun incapable of working but if you want to see pics send me your email or something and its single stack btw if thats the wasr your looking 4
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