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  • wareham police seized guns thanks 4 till them that was ammo now here what they left out head line all guns legal my moms she has c&r fid ffl all guns were in a locked safe the cops said i could be in control tho the safe was in control i never had key nothing it took police 30 days 2 send me a summon and when i went to court court held me 90days 20000bail my lawyer got me out in 27days and 5000 bail i did nothing wrong here i was not in poss we got to stand up 4 are right
    JP is pointy part of the pyramic; Remsport is decent stuff but no int he same league. I can meet you in Hopkinton with a JP15 and a CTR-02 for you to test drive.

    hello again. I'm not sure you remember, but we were actually talking back in August about Jp. You just posted in the Shot Show 2011 thread in regards to checking out your collection of JP. I would very much like to take you up on it some time in the near future. I'm specificly looking to acquire either the CTR02 or JP15. I'm hoping to pull the trigger on a purchase by mid year, the latest as a christmas present for myself. I need to save up the funds, cause I want to get a pelican case to go with it, the durocoat coloring, and of course a scope for it. So lots of money to save up.

    Whats your opinion about JP versus Remsport? I really like everything I hear about JP, the products they put out, and the fact that they don't pander to magazines or other media outlets. But I keep hearing a lot about Rempsport. What's your opinion?
    Really appreciate the suggestion to check out Guns and Gear. Thanks for helping to cure my reloading woes -Bill
    Hi there,

    I was reading one of your posts.... this is the quote "1. Bequest - interstate xfer allowed without an FFL

    2. Private sale by LEO who acquired on departmental letter

    3. Person moved into the state

    4. Person bought only a stripped frame that did not require an FA-10 and assembled a gun, then filed an FA-10.

    5. Dealer not complying with the regulations

    6. Brought in under the "solely for formal target shooting competiton" clause in the AG's regs (either before the lab/target list existed, or of a gun on the list)."

    I actually have a question fr you about #5 above if you wouldnt mind dropping me a PM. Thanks

    I had no quarrel with your explanation at all; I'm just a sometimes irritating stickler on terminology. (Indeed, sometimes I hate people like me.)
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