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  • Thanks for the rep. I could not decide wether to post about the splash or not. I did not want to seem like a whiny bitch but then decided it made sense to share it with more folks than just my son.
    "Rude, crude and unacceptable. Try being just a little more polite in the future."

    usually I don't give a f*** about feedback but... How well do you know lens???

    no need to respond... just think about it before you show your ass in the future...
    Hey dwarven1, I saw that you had 20,000 posts and thought you would be a good guy to know. Also, I'm working with Jesse and wanted to reach out to some of you VIPs.
    Oh Wow, That is so cool!!! "Chidren of the Lens", is still my fav Sifi book to this day!!!!
    Hi there from Salem, NH. I am hospitalized in Salem, NH @ the Northeast Rehab Hospital with injuries from a June bicycle accident. We met a while back. Mitchell Ota is my name.
    Um... glad to hear it.
    [smile].I will gladly accept any donations of gold or silver plus any firearms that may pique my interest.
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