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How do I build this Firecracker Artillery Gun?

Cool. But not $300 cool.
European fireworks don't have all the trappings of what we have here:

Your head will spin with what you can get in Germany:

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LP5KFtYE-uI

We were 13 in Buenos Aires, we used to buy stuff like that and walk around the city lighting them.

We would throw them in puddles and watch them blow up.

Fun is not allowed in MA, have to bubble wrap everyone.
pre/post statute of limitations. I had shot a “bird bomb” in a 12ga shell.

That was pretty impressive! We packed up and left after 2 hours of normal shooting.

Stupid loud.
Just get one of these handheld BP mortars, only $750 … handheld, fires tennis balls ~200-yards. No cannon license, or ANY license needed …

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Thanks for posting the link.
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That’s all stem and stuff you can get at Home Depot.. a little PVC for the firework. It would be a destructive device likely at least if I made it the struct of my eyes and fingers.
@Mesatchornug and I could come up with a few designs.

Or not…
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…youse needs a cannon license for that in Mass, IIRC …

Back in 79 or 80, my uncle showed up at the annual FOJ bash with his buddy's cannon. Little thing. He had little idea how to work it. But got it loaded and fired it. Damn it was loud. It was probably a 1/2" bore. My aunts all bitched about it.

Now, for me, it may or may not be true that in my teens, I got an Xacto knife and cut open. . . . 50 or 60 firecrackers, amassed all the powder into one fake M-80 shell stuffed it into the aluminum tube from the patio umbrella, dropped a roundish rock over it and lit it. I had the presence of mind to duck behind a lifted-up 2x8 picnic table. Watched the rock slowly sail into hte woods from over the pick'a'nick table. No damage to the belly-pole.

Manchester Makerspace is hosting a "build your own mini salute cannon" class next month.

Students will start with a length of brass round bar, work through several lathe operations, finish with a functional black powder cannon. Can also build a small wooden carriage in the woodshop. Scaling up is left as an exercise for the student and their homeowner's insurance.
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