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Gartman closed?

Sep 15, 2005
North Attleboro, MA
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Is Gartman Arms in Foxboro closed, or just going to an ever smaller set
of open hours? The used to be open thursday nights but I never see
them open anymore.

I heard an unsubstantiated rumor that he may have lost his FFL. Don't know for sure, and have no desire to find out since the old guy is a quack anyway.
...unless you talk to him in his native language and even local idiom[smile]
When I visited his place 3 years ago, he mumbled about issues with the ATF,
mainly about his full auto toys he had on display.
At that time he had at least an MP40, StG44, some FAL's as well as a MG34 and a Ma Deuce, both on tripods[mg]
I was in there last week talking to him.
He gave up his Lic. and is turning eveything over to his daughter to run the show. All the paperwork has been sent in etc.. but they haven't got their stuff back yet.
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