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USPSA/IPSC Practical Pistol

Apr 24, 2005
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There are a number of clubs running USPSA/IPSC style competitons in the Northeast. For a complete list visit the Northeast Section web site at www.uspsa-ne.org. Addittional information about the sport, may be found at www.uspsa.org. There is also a form you can fill out at www.uspsa.org which will request an information packet from USPSA headquarters.

If matches where you draw your loaded gun from a holster, run around with the gun, and engage in action shooting stages sounds interesting, this may be the game for you. There are 5 equipment divisions, including "produtction", so it's not necessary to have a super-expensive gun to be competetive (Glocks are quite popular).
Hi Rob, welcome to our forum! Good to see that you came over to join us.

Hope you enjoy it here and learn/contribute a lot.
Come on out

I shoot as many of the IPSC/USPSA matches as I can. I try to attend Westfield and Harvard as the "honey do" list allows. All of the guys and gals are easily accessable and will always go out of their way to help anyone new, or old as in my case. I have lots of fun and manage to learn from these guys each time I go out and shoot.
I was unable to make the multi-gun at Harvard, but have already signed up for the one ton August 28 (email [email protected] for info).

The Harvard multi-gun and three gun matches are limited in capacity - I think they cap it at 40 shooters.

I ordered a 11-87 w/JP customization for USPSA Tactical Divsion on Monday, so I should have it in time for the Harvard match.

Rob Boudrie said:
Glocks are quite popular.

Ah, yes... tactical tupperware. :)

I have to admit, I tried a Glock 9mm many years ago, and thought it was a very smooth shooting gun. BUT... that darn trigger just makes me nervous. I want a safety, dammit!

that darn trigger just makes me nervous.
The trigger and lack of safety doesn't make me nervous. I just hate the feel of it -- that creepy, crunchy sproing when it finally trips. Yuck.

My Glocks have been very reliable and with the Glock 34 I've finally found one that I can stand. I've had a chance to watch in awe as Dave Sevigny (sp?) tore up an IDPA stage with his Glock, so I know what they can do if you tighten up the nut behind the trigger.

But it's just not my favorite.
Hey Rob:

If you're at Westfield say hello to Henry & Linda C. for me. I haven't seen them in years. I don't know if they're still competing. Tell them Tony said Hi! If they say Tony who? just tell them "Hose Them Puppies". That should jog their memory.
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