The scary thing is that these people are allowed to vote.

NHPR opened their first radio station in 1981, the year I moved back to NH after a six year stint in the Navy. They have spread their left wing ideological stations through NH like a virus and NH really started on the downward spiral (left hand spin) when they started broadcasting here. At first it was 90% music...then over time, it became less music and more "news" it's almost all "talk" with ultra leftwingers babbling on about climate change, hate for any Conservative causes, etc etc....get rid of all PR stations and in a few years NH might turn around but I seriously doubt it will. NHPR is the bane of NH. It's like "The View", 24/7. Ugh
it is not surprising, just reflects the mainstream message - guns are very dangerous evil things that have no place in your life.
for the people who get born in live all life in a safe suburbia it holds total truth.
There is no such thing as safe suburbia! It's a myth and a false sense of security! But don't tell that to the beautiful people who live in "child safe" subdivisions with their garage doors wide open and their little one's wandering the neighborhood all by themselves until dark. After dark it becomes unsafe because that's when the boogey man comes out!
"I see no need for this type of weapon, and I'm disturbed by the carnage that they cause. And for those who say that the assault rifle doesn't cause the carnage, only the person pulling the trigger does that, then why not allow everyone to have every conceivable weapon? Fully automatic machine guns, flamethrowers, tanks…" ("Dale," Atkinson NH)

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