These Are The Worst States To Be A Gun Owner In 2024

#1 New Hampshire​

New Hampshire is a permitless carry state with incredibly relaxed gun laws (and low crime rates). Any citizen over 18 years old who is lawfully permitted to possess a firearm can open and conceal carry. New Hampshire residents can travel to 29 other states with a pistol and revolver license. The state also honors all 50 states’ permits.

Residents won’t need to attend firearms safety courses, go through a fingerprinting process, or any other stringent tests to obtain a permit. The state also issues permits to out-of-state residents (although they’re only valid in NH). Purchasers are required to pass federal background checks in accordance with federal law.

But what’s better is that New Hampshire currently doesn’t have a state sales tax. So you won’t pay additional taxes on firearms purchases. Those finding themselves in a self-defense situation may be protected from prosecution if they are protecting life or property, with no duty to retreat.

Governor Chris Sununu recently signed into law a bill that restricts the state’s law enforcement from enforcing federal laws that infringe on an individual’s right to gun ownership. Essentially, New Hampshire seems to be the best state for gun owners, with low crime rates and minimal restrictions on firearms and purchases.

Clicking on NH, I get to the top of the "Most gun friendly states", although I don't see where there is an age requirement of 18 to carry in the RSAs. All that's missing is brass knuckles.
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