***SOLD OUT*** Woot, In case you need them...

Jun 7, 2005
The Land of Confusion and Pissed off!
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Today's woot would be good if you're looking to get a set.

Only possible downside is that they are rechargable. So if the power was out, then you might not be able to recharge them.

But, getting the Cobra 6 Mile FRS/GMRS Radio with NOAA Weather 2 pack for only 25 bucks shipped is a damn good deal.

But I wanted to share just incase anyone was looking at them.
Cross-X said:
Be careful. Not every offer is as good as they claim it is. Caveat Emptor.

The two pack seems to be on Froogle for about 42 bucks for a best price.

So, this was a good deal as I was able to order two sets for that price.

It sucks that you guys didn't get a set. I'll take a picture when mine gets in to rub it in all your faces. [smile]
gee thanks Chris [rolleyes]

I'm coming over to your place to drink all your beer. Don't worry, I'll take pictures so you can remember what you had. That sounds fair to me... [smile]
Just so you're aware, you need to get a license to use the GMRS frequencies or you are considered a bubblepack pirate. You're OK with the lower FRS freqencies, though.

A five year license costs $80, although from what I'm reading, casual users are almost impossible to catch.

Arr, arr, arr!
I would NEVER pay for the license!

Most of us, will only use these radios for emergency type use. However I do use mine while hunting, but only because we all usually split up, and it's nice to know where everyone is at, and when we are ready to call it a day.

Well, I'm a law abiding citizen and have a license.

But I use them when a group of us are traveling and not everyone has a Nextel. They are GREAT in the woods because even though they are 6 miles line of sight, they are about 2 because they are higher wattage than the 1/2 watt 2 miles FRS radios.

I also have kids and they are great when you and another family go to Six Flags, or to a festival...

Or when my kids are a little older and we're out and about...

So really I have more than one use for these than just emergency.
The GMRS service does not require the ID every 10 minutes like the Ham bands do. Just have to have the license, and be able to present it if asked. Nobody has ever asked as far as I know. and GMRS has been around for a LOT longer than the FRS.

In fact, if you have the older GMRS radios, they actually overlap several of the FRS channels allowing you to broadcast MUCH higher power. As far as I know, it's legal too.

Your GMRS license also allows you to operate a repeater, but I've never seen a commercially made one available.
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I have a pair of the 10 mile range Motorola 2-ways. Great for when my son takes his bike to the friends house, great for hunting, etc..
And I don't need no stinking licence! They can go pound sand if they want me to spend more money for another stupid Lic..

I knew my ears were burning. I happen to LIKE rabbit food. AND rat food.

So THERE! [laugh]

(actually if I didn't already own a salad spinner I'd be all over it [smile] )
Monday, 24 Jul:

InFocus SP5000 HD-Ready LCD Home Theater Projector with 76” Screen
$729.99+ $5 shipping

condition: Refurbished
Only one of my Radios doesn't work from the $20 deal... [angry]

I can't wait to see what kind of hoops I have to jump through to get my money back...
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