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Water, what’s your plan?

I wish I had thought of it... I guy I worked with squirreled away at least 100 5" 1 micron liquid filters from work. They were attached to sterile irradiated assemblies but not used, so we used to cut them off. Filter itself separately at the time was like $100. Attach hose/ pump and good to go. Has bleeders too. These can filter quite a bit before they clog.
Like this:
The Merrimac river is used for municipal water in lots of towns, Manchester, Lowell, Lawrence and Methuen to name a few.
These communities also dump their effluent from their sewer systems into the river.
They filter and chlorinate it first, but I still wouldn't want to drink it.
Maybe I would with a reverse osmosis water filter, but you need to have pressurized water for those systems to work.
I have two brand new 55 Gallon Food Grade barrels in the cellar full. Twenty 3 1/2 Gal Water Bricks ready to be filled. Two Big Berkeys and a three Rain Barrel system and three additional empty blue barrels. Would also like to put in a well.
A good source for information is 'The Disaster Ready Home' by Creek Stewart. He goes into water collection and storage quite a bit.

The Disaster Ready Home — Creek Stewart
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In MA, a see-ment pond in the back yard and pool shock ahead. Inside a 100g super stor. Several cases of water which will also double as smaller containers.

In NH, the well is fed by grid, then solar, then B/U genset. If the well fails, there is water which runs at a trickle going by the house, or the pond at the bottom of the land, 1100 feet away.

The well water is a bit heavy, but cold and delicious

Also a berkey and extra filters, and a backup Brita (I know)
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I have a way to feed a makeshift cistern with a DC pump up the mountain behind the house and gravity will keep 'running' water available, albeit only at 15-20PSI from gravity in 3 seasons
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