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  • Chirs,

    I am interested in joining the NES INstructor Group. I am an NRA Instructor and can email or fax copies of my certs. What will work best for you? Thank you for your time.

    Is this group still active? Would like to join NES Instructor's group. NRA Certified in Basic Pistol and Home Firearm Safety, expiration date Feb. 28, 2010. More information gladly supplied upon request.
    Would like to join the NES Instructor's group, please.
    Active NRA instructor expires 8/31/09 for Home Firearms Safety and Certified Pistol. MSP certified to teach the courses for basic safety requirement.



    I have posted here some time ago and was wondering if you had a chance to review my credetials yet. They are below. Let me know

    I have been a Mass. Criminal Justice Training Counsel firearms instructor for about 10 years. I have also been a firearms instructor at Smith and Wesson back in the late 70's not that counts for much now a days. I have multible instructors certifictes in Use of Force as well as Defensive Tactics, also through MCJTC. I have less lethal instructors cert through Safariland on their 40mm impact weapons and am a cert. instructor in Airsoft. I also hold a cert. from Pepperball impact weapons. I also am an instructor for PR24 from that company up in NH, you know the one. I am a Colt and Sigarms armorer. I can come up with others that may be related, but that is all off the top of my head right now. I am full time LEO and am checking into getting NRA caertified, if I could ever find the time. I would like to join your group if I could, any questions please let me know. Thanks Mark S
    hey this is AbbyOakley let me just say your probably gonna hear from my dad scouter-rick because he is an instructor just wanted to say that
    Hi Chris
    I was part of jdubois's GOAL recruiting offer. My real name is Robb Yahn and I have received my GOAL welcoming packet. Please let me know if you need any other information. Thanks

    Robb Yahn
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