Now Dr Asking..

I agree with that but as a generality there's a push by the AMA to ask these invasive questions. They know that people are soft wrt guns.

As to wether doctors suck for it or not? Where you currently live the number is closer to zero; in new england not so much.

Also in GA I bet 60-70% of the doctors own guns. I doubt that in MA.
South and West are awsome.

I was on a call with the team to prepare for a presentation with Bass Pro. One engineer says "look what I purchased a few days ago" and pulls a gun. So a sales guy says "nice, I also have mine, and shows his CCW". A software specialist moves his camera to the right and shows his gun safe these were all mid western guys... I got a new boss, she is in RTP and has a backyard range. I interviewed for my current job and one of the guys starts telling me how he wants a shotgun (also southern). My entire team either hunts, or grew up around hunting.

Try that sh*t in MA. NY, NJ and the North East is a giant blackhole, absorbing all the liberal c*nts.
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