Danvers Trailer Park Shooting *happening now*

Be happy most police is unencrypted on the scanner on of the few things besides food I miss about Massachusetts.

My city (I live in the county) Lexington, NC had an active shooter at a “party”. No one knew really anything until the police released a canned press release days later.

Nothing on social media. One line info on the news.
I've also noticed that f***ing around with a baofeng
I've also noticed that f***ing around with a baofeng
You can learn a TON about your community.
Within say a week of listening to when I lived in Salisbury, NC I learned all the areas not to go. Especially if you know no local people to ask hey where shouldn’t I go where are the bad areas besides the obvious abandoned buildings. I was pleasantly surprised where some of the “bad areas” were located.
Cause if you’re going north you gotta turn around and hack through traffic, and if you’re going south you gotta get past the trailer park?

There’s nothing convenient about Route 1.
Southbound in the area theres like nothing north of that trailer park
Is Bubbles involved??
trailer boys GIF
Massachusetts State Police Bear Cat Driver: "I've been waiting all my life for a Trailer Park Incident"


Wouldn't it be cool if someone stole one of these and went for a joyride? How would they stop it, are the tires bulletproof what about the radiator?
So many videos of patrol cars being stolen and then taking off
I met her at target. She was nice, kinda quiet. A bit hollow, but was a great listener

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O man

I used to work with a guy

Here goes... he was in his 60s divorced on his second wife...(redheaded teacher in her 40s) and he is an odd duck.

He loved going to yard sales and one day he comes across a divorce sale.

The guy getting divorced has a mannequin..and the guy i know goes man id like that but my wife would divorce me if i brought it home. So the guy selling goes...free of charge my gift to you and gives it too him.

So the dude brings it home and his wife flips her shit...instead of getting rid of it he keeps it for 3 years... his wife getting madder and madder. But she wont let him throw it out due to she doesnt want to scare the neighbors

Hes telling my boss and i this and is like i dont want to get a divorce what should i do.

My boss and I pissing our pants laughing and like dude throw it out...

But hes like well its a nice mannequin i cant just throw it out.

So hes like I'll bring it in to work

He brings it to work and puts it right in front of the only womans desk for some reason.

And she gets creeped out and puts a nightie on it..

Hr comes down one day and sees the mannequin with the nightie and fires the dude lol

Very very weird all around
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