Mall of NH shooting

Why is any shooting in Manchester a headliner? I mean.... it's part of standard foreplay on Saturday nights now up there.... Manchester is New Hampshire's Fall River.
Because the powers that be realized that if they can plaster your everyday ghetto shootings across all media as mass shootings, it gets top billing without the racist implications that it normally would if it was labeled correctly and ignored by Dems as it has been for decades.

More mass shootings = more and more attempts at disarming the populace
Police said one round was fired from a vehicle.

The scene appeared to be focused near the Buffalo Wild Wings at the Mall of New Hampshire.
So, they are looking for a Koala?
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You know damned well that Joyce Craig is going to be all over this. Will blame it on the fact there's now an (R) mayor.
There was a shooting at the mall during her tenure. Suicide in the parking lot.
Cue new gun control bills in NH.

(spoken like the little twerp at the gun match in The Enforcer) "They're a free state. It's a free state." [rofl]

There ARE no free states. Humans be human'ing. Ergo, those in charge ALWAYS want to amass more power. Even if with benevolent motives, they will ALWAYS amass more power and restrict rights. Nature of the beast.

And who has a peanut-gallery for a police gun match in San Francisco???? LOL. Just one of those incongruous scenes in the Dirty Harry movies.
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