Massachusetts Bill HD.4420 "An act to modernize gun Laws"

Anyone care to summarize it? At a glance it’s a semiauto ban?

Maybe one day the Supreme Court will rule on this stuff, oh wait that already happened. I think the key now is funding lawsuits, right?
That’s Linksys input his Proposed Bill earlier this year banned all semi auto weapons period including shot guns, especially those that can accept 5 rounds or more. He’s just a jackass and always has been.
Lots of stuff in there....but to me the big one is:

493 Section 122. Registration of firearms; reporting; loss or theft; punishment
494 (a) All firearms and feeding devices possessed in the commonwealth must be registered
495 in accordance with this section.
Does that mean my post healey will be legal and transferable? [pot]

GOAL is as powerful as their membership is willing to get out and get involved.
Well, so far I am not impressed. All that keeps happening is more and more stupid shit passed. They know it will stick for years, until it is challenged and in this state the courts will agree with the unconstitutional laws.
I believe the new regs define "feeding devices" as anything that is capable of firing a projectile. They are not talking about magazines. They are referring to "guns."

EDIT: As Rogues pointed out below, I'm likely mistaken. I was looking at this section:

SECTION 10. Section 10B of chapter 66 of the General Laws, as so appearing, is hereby
34 amended by striking out, in lines 7 to 8, the words “rifles, shotguns, machine guns” and inserting
35 in place thereof the following words: - feeding devices
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Yep. Looks like we are ALL criminals now. Better get used to it everyone. This massive pile of insanity looks like it is impossible to comply with and still own a firearm in MA. :(
I know, looks like soon there will be no way to own a firearm in MA. :mad:

The question now is will we be able to sell/transfer our guns out of state or will they have to be forfeited to the Commonwealth???

And after that anyone who is an FFL in MA will be out of business.

Call me a Pants S*#tter but this does not look good.
There’s no way after Bruen that this would stand strict scrutiny.
You are most likely correct, but that could take years and lots of $$$. And the gun grabbers know that, it is all part of their plan.

And in the meantime there will be lots of felons in waiting.
There’s a whole lot of shit in that bill From what I read any violation is a minimum sentence of no less than 2 1/2 years which means automatic pp status. Full modern sporting rifle ban post 94. Modified AWB and semi handgun language (no threaded barrels). Plus a committee to study personalized firearms (micro stamping, biometric shit).
Don’t understand why the SC doesn’t end this nonsense once and for all. They have already said they are prepared to decide some cases that were remanded back to lower courts. They have to see what’s going on in Dem states. The games being played by liberal politicians and biased courts. Are they willing to allow millions of felons to be created by bureaucrats. What the hell is wrong with them? End this!!!!
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