Maine State Service Rifle Championship 9/10/05


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May 6, 2005
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Just a friendly reminder for those of you who might want to compete. This Saturday in Hampden, ME. This will be shot as a Regional Match Course (88 rds). Next day there is an EIC match, also. I don't want to hear any "high gas prices" excuses. Grab a buddy and share the cost.

Who's going?
Brent and I are going. We will be leaving Friday after work. It is the ME state SR championship correct?
derek said:
Brent and I are going. We will be leaving Friday after work. It is the ME state SR championship correct?
Got your motel reservations set? I'll see you there on Saturday. Weather is supposed to be great.
Yes, this is the Service Rifle Championship for Maine. We had our Highpower Championship (Service or Match rifle) back in July.
Last year's SR Champ was Harry Davis with a score of 769 (very windy day).
derek said:
What time does it start and what time should we be there for squading?
Starts at 9AM. I would be there at 8, no later than 8:30. You all set for directions?
I guess I'll have to get a better SR upper than what I got if I wanna do this stuff too......All my match upper stuff should be ready in about another 3 weeks (I hope!!)
Then, I can git in on the fun with you boys!
Just got back from the Maine State Service Rifle Championships and thought I would share some of the pictures I took.. Wasn't many but still.

Here is a picture of the range from the 600 line


The calm before the storm. Signup time.


Picture of me during the 200 Standing.



Derek in deep thought




Derek checking his score/shot group at the 600




Results of the match.

To be honest, I just wanted a hobby that I could do along with Derek. As some of you do not know, Derek and I have known each other for 26 years. We pretty much concider each other like brothers. As time goes on it gets harder and harder to do the things you used to be able to do when younger.

So when Derek asked if I would like to Competition Shoot with him over the summer, I jumped at the chance. He told me what all I needed to get and showed me the ropes. I can't thank him enough for getting me into this. The thing that this match really shows is that his teaching/instructions are showing.

Anyways, we had a great time and met alot of people. We will be definatly be coming back again!
I've created a monster. I've had the pleasure of teaching many Marines how to shoot, and Brent was probably the easiest I've ever taught. As I've said before, fundamentals make a good shooter, if you apply them you will shoot well. And hey you can't expect to win with a 185 standing. :x

Pat (PatMcD) thanks for the invite it was an awesome time. Brent and I are going to make it an annual trip and I'm going to see if I can't bring up more guys from Reading next year. Chris (cdkayak), Robert (Robert in Maine), it was an absolute pleasure to meet the two of you in person. Robert let me know when you want to shoot some coyote.

Edited to fix my quick typing. [oops]
I'm glad you two made the trip. A pleasure meeting both of you. I was surprised at the light turn-out, though. A lot of regulars didn't show up. You two should try to come for the Highpower Championship in July if you can. Dave Dow should send you a schedule since he has your address now, but I will post a reminder when it gets closer to that time.

Brent, you are a true gentleman for blacking out the other names to go with the scores, but let the truth be know: mine is the bottom Expert score [evil] Going back to my Service Rifle (M14) is always a humbling experience. [oops]

Todays Leg Match was won by Gus Norcross shooting an M1!!! When is the last time that has happened??!! He shot a 473. Second was Dave Fortier with a 468.
Who's Roger?
I told you guys I wouldn't be dead last again. I pulled up a few positions.
It was nice seeing you guys too.
The LEG match was one of the best shooting days (condition wise) a person could have.
Learning more each match.
My offhand sucked even more than usual but then I shot a personal best of 188-4x at 600. The 4x were one right after another. Almost felt like I knew what I was doing.
I'll have Gus Norcross screw my GI barrel off my 14 this winter and put on a decent match barrel. Heck, I might drop him off one of my M1s and have him work his MOJO on it. Especially seeing as how he won the match yesterday with one!
Anyhoot, I was too sick to post anything last night. Fever, chills etc. Probably some imported flu bug from Mass............
Nice meeting you Derek and Brent.

I tried to wash off the liberalness before I went to the range, I must have missed a spot.

And 4 x's in a row at the 600 is impressive.
Derek & Brent,
It was great to meet you both. It's always good to put a face to the names on here. & Derek, thanks for the pointer on 600, 12 minutes up got me right in there. Now I just need to do my part & get more practice in.

RobinMaine & DryDock,
It was good to see both of you again. Hopefully I'll see you again at Scarborough before the year is out. I also plan on getting up to Hampden a couple of times next year. Maybe even take a few half days at work to make some of the 600 yard practices.

That was pretty cool that your wife was willing to make the trip with you. Had we found a baby sitter Melody would have joined me.

I forgot to say thanks for the invite. I'm glad I was finally able to make it up there.

Tina enjoyed seeing a match, she's only been out to the fun/historical matchs at Scarborough up until now. It was a good start to our weekend.

Hopefully I'll get a chance tonight to resize some of the pictures she took and post them tomorrow. The rest will have to wait until we get the slides developed and then I can scan some of those.

Nickle said:
If you get a photobucket account, it will automatically resize down for you, and it's free.

I'm all set there, thanks. I don't mind resizing them & I've got a directory set up on a server at work where I host them. Being root on all the servers is handy. :) Only problem this time is the camera is sitting on my desk at home.

cdkayak it was good seeing you again and it was nice to meet the Mrs. very nice lady. I hope you had a good time (ya gotta love the 600) that was my first time at 600 with a SR also. Don't forget the last match of the year up there Oct. 9th 3x600.

Pat as always, a pleasure. I must say that I hope you don't go back to your match rifle,you help to make me look better, (not good just better). You should try that upper that you got from Scott B.

My one regret of the day was not personally meeting Derek and Brent, I saw them (new faces) but didn't but I didn't look at the sign up list to see who they were :( . I really wanted to congradulate Derek on a great season in person. So FWIW congrats Derek on a great season.

Lesson learned: wake up and pay attention!
Damn DryDock I wish I had know you were there I would have made a point to meet and B.S. with you. We will be back next summer and I'm already looking forward to it. It was a blast.

Maybe we can get some of the guys who want to try HP out up there next summer. It's a great place to learn and everybody is awesome up there. Besides it's a "ROAD TRIP!" [twisted]
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