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  • Hello Lynne,

    My name is Sean and am new to the Forum, while researching reloading I read a posting from you dated 2005/09/05 and was unsure if you teach reloading from the comment left on the thread: do I wanna start. My wife bought me a Hornady progressive and I am a little overwhelmed trying to learn about it, I'm a SGT in the army and that does not happen often! But trying to research reloading and finding info is getting to be a little more than I can sort through since everyone has an opinion and finding out at the range I did something wrong or bought/applied the wrong step is not an option. so if you do teach where can I sign up, if not do you know of classes offered for reloading that are local, I live in Quincy, NRA's closest is in Maine! Thank you for you time.

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