IPSC Match -- Manville, RI -- This Sunday --11/13

Oct 31, 2005
Spooner Street
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Last match of the year at a discounted price of $10.

Manville, like all of the matches in our area, is run by a really welcoming group of guys. If you ever wanted to try IPSC, you couldn't find a better place to start. If you have any questions about equipment, ammo, directions, whatever, post or pm.

A good time is guaranteed.

Manville Sportsman's Club
High St., Manville, RI 02838
Starting Time: 9:30AM Squadded
Contact: Paul Taylor (401) 828-7132 (1-8pm weekdays, all day weekends)
Map and Directions: Take Rt 95 south to Rt 295 south to Rt146 north. Take right at traffic light, towards Manville. Proceed approximately 1 mile to High St. on the right. Entrance is between stone pillars, club is at the end of High St.

Yep! I'll be there. Wouldnt miss it. I missed Sundays event at Bass river due to family obligations.

Manville always puts alot of thought in their stages and its always fun. Come on out and give it a try. You'll be glad you did.
I have to say that, that was some of the reason for getting her interested. Plus when the wifes brother gets home from his second tour of Iraq, He's going to start shooting IPSC as well.

My daughter still doesnt have the strength to shoot a stage by herself. She's working out on her arm and hand strength. We'll work hard this winter and see how much progress she makes by spring. I really dont want to rush her in. I want her to be safe and confident.
That is a very generous offer. Does it stand for me as well? I havent shot an open gun since 1992. I've been shooting factory 230gr ball ammo all season. Shooting a comp'd open gun would be a treat!
i have never shot this kind of match before what should i
bring and what kind of cost am i looking at to do this
i have herd a lot about these matches.will sombody be there to walk
me threw this or is it a try and learn deal i am not an excellent shot or
anythinfg but i am always looking for a challange and trying something new
thanks for any info
Cost of the match is only $10, what you already own will depend on any additional cost.
If it's your first match, I'd plan on needing a few extra rounds, so bring 200 rounds. Chances are we'll have something like 100-110 rounds in the match, best to have extras.
Magazines, depends what kind of gun you're using. If you've got lots of glocks, bring lots of mags.
Generally 5 will do you well, if you're shooting production division, you're only allowed 10 in a mag, and same with limited 10 division. Anything else, you can fill em up.
Got a holster, mag holders, glasses and hearing protection?
You'll need nothing else.
There is always someone to help, and you gotta start somewhere.
Everyone enters one time, so just bring one gun, 200 rounds, and $10. Bring whatever Glock you like to shoot the most and feels comfortable. Make sure it is sighted in. Five mags is good but if you need some you can borrow them but I have a feeling you have them. A holster, mag pouches, glasses, and hearing protection are needed. Let me know about the holster and mag pouches, I have some.

Don't buy go out and buy anything.

The range master, Paul, or Matt will partner you up with a "buddy" who will help you through the match. Go slow get your hits, have fun.

See you there,

thanks guys you have been a big help he only thing i dont have
i 5 mags i have 4 and also i have a paddle style holster and i have a mag pouch that only hold 3 mags can i put one in my pocket?
yes, but if you've got 4, you'll want the 3 in your holders, and the 4th in your gun when it's your turn, so it sounds like you're all set already.
Three mags should be fine. You start with one in the gun so in most cases you are all set. Courses of fire never exceed 32 rounds. That fifth mag would be insurance for extra shots or a dropped mag.
Matt keeps answering the questions faster than I can (he shoots like that too).

He taught me everything so it is no surprise the answer look similar.
Cool, another new shooter! Dont be afraid to ask any questions while at the match. Everyone there will be more than happy to help you out. Just plan on having fun and being safe. The range officer will help you out with all that too. Look me up and say hello.

Matt, I dont think I could shoot 10% of your score now. My physical limitations and lack of practice time tells me your safe up at the top. Back in the day however, it may have been a different story...LOL

Thanks for the offer to shoot the open gun. I would like to run through a stage after the match with one though.
I am planning to try this out for the first time. My question is: what types of holsters are allowed? I have cheap fobus belt holsters and I have a drop leg holster for my USPc 45. I also have my IWB holster. Which of these are allowed/prefered.

They key points about holsters for USPSA/IPSC:

1. Belt level, muzzle down

2. Trigger guard must be covered

3. Retention strap, if present, must be used.
So we have SwatMedic and Sickone planning to come to the match. Does anyone else find that combo of screennames funny?

Did you guys get the PMs I sent you?

I shot this match this morning, and I had a blast. Everyone that I met was great, they took their time and explained everything, and offered a lot of good advise. I will definaty be doing this again. Now I want to try IDPA as well. I want to thank Steve (GTOshooter) for his help, and for letting me use a mag carrier. It's to bad this is the last match of the year, because I want to go and do this again.
I was there today as well and echo your thoughts about the match. It was fun, safe and very well run. I didnt get to meet you but I did however meet Sickone and Scrivner. I'll take a few minutes after dinner and write a little match report from the eyes of my squad.
the match was great cant wiat till i can shoot it again.to bad i wated till \
the last match of the season to try it out.everybody was great and the ro's
were great in explaining the stages to me.GOTSHOOTER sorry i did not meet up with you i got there a little lat and ened up in i think squad four.the same one tha hamar was in.
also i herd so talk about a match in april (a little ways from now) that is in PA
can sombody give me info on that.again it was fun and i regret not trying it earlier.
Today was a beautiful day and another great match. I was squadded with SwatMedic and he had a really good first match. The five stages presented some tough targets, including the dreaded Texas Star, and he handled them safely and smoothly.

If the other forum members were squadded with Hal (Hamar), Rob B, and Michael C, they couldn't have gotten a better representation of the sport.

Anyway, thanks to Paul Taylor, Matt, Mary, Mark, and the guys from
Hopkinton for doing all the work running the Manville matches.

In the future, I will try to post announcements of matches in RI and MA, IPSC, IDPA, and Steel, and try to make the people running matches aware of the forum.

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