Tritown 2 Gun in Foster RI


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Jan 4, 2011
South Shore
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I shot this match yesterday down in Foster. There wasn’t much info online so figured I’d post the details for when they start up again next year.

TLDR: I’ll be signing up for every match here next year.

This was 2gun Pistol and Shotgun. Two or three very hard working ROs who I don’t believe shot? Kind of a mix of rule sets, less on the see how you can game it side of a USPSA match, but not intimidating with rules and procedures like some IDPA matches. In my eyes, it was the perfect amount of “fun”.

Two divisions: Tacops - which I believe was optic allowed on pistol and non optic shotgun, but I shot open so not positive. No box Fed shotguns.

Open - pretty much everything goes, optics, box Fed mags etc..

For ammo I ran #8 birdshot, there were no slug stages. I know some guys ran bigger bbs but the targets were pretty close.

They did a preload table for shotguns as well, so as soon as one competitor was done the resets were quick and the next guy was ready to go right away.

They did three awesome stages. We all got there and put all our gear on at stage two. And this looked like a pretty standard multi gun steel stage. It was a fun fake out. I believe the guy running it his name was Eric? But every time someone would try to figure out the stage as we were putting on belts and loading mags, he’d pop over and let them know that they hadn’t figured it out yet. Then we go to start, all assuming it’s this stage and he says we’re heading to “stage one in the access road”.

Stage 1 was an absolute blast. It literally was just on this 50 yard or so access road, buzzer goes off and there’s clays and steel basically hidden in the woods as you traverse the road. I think 16 targets on shotgun and then you dump the shotgun and move forward with your pistol. Same thing, bunch of hidden steel (I actually ran past one that was behind a downed tree) and one paper target. For something so simple, it was one of my favorite stages of the year instead of walls and no shoots, they just used the local tree growth.

Back to stage 2 and we find out that what looked like a dump barrel or maybe even a makeshift port to shoot through was our start and stage position. Climb a ladder and hop up on the barrel like you’re on a horse. Tons of steel, flying clay poppers, plate rack and a Texas star. You could shoot everything with a shotgun but had to fire at least one pistol round. Most guys did half and half. Really fun.

Then we went over to stage three. This was the only stage with an actual rule on how to shoot at a target. They had a seesaw swinger. Where you have to shoot it until (pistol) it does a full rotation, but it’s tough. The rule was that you had to take at least six clean shots at it or be penalized 30 seconds. There were then two 75 yard or so targets down range that you had the option of shooting and if hit, each gave you back 5 seconds. Aside from that, a plate rack and and some paper, dump the handgun and grab the shotgun and a bunch of shotgun targets to the right.

All in all a super fun day, really great crew running it. Wish I had known more about it a couple months ago, I would’ve signed up for every single one.
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