Hunting with handgun, hunting q's in general...

Mar 14, 2005
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So, I have this Ruger MK3 target/hunter w/ a sweet reddot I just put on.

What are the legalities of hunting with it?

If I wanted to head out behind my house into the woods to exterminate a few squirrels or whatever, what would the legality be of this?

Of course, I have the proper firearm licensing, not trespassing, not too close to houses etc.. Just curious about the actual hunting aspect...

Just hypothetical, hunting is not anything I'de ever even consider doing....
You need to make sure that (for starters) you are the allowed distance from your neighbor (don't remember if it's 300 or 500 feet), and that your town has no law prohibiting the discharge of firearms. I'm sure others will add more.
I think its all Legal so long as you mail your dead squirrels to PETA 8)

I wonder how many times stuff like that has happend to them?


-Weer'd Beard
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