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Frisoli Attacks

Nov 2, 2005
North Central MA
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Martha Coakley’s Betrayal

Like Deval Patrick, Coakley talks tough but is soft on crime

CAMBRIDGE – Larry Frisoli, candidate for Attorney General, released a new radio ad “Betrayal” today. In this ad, Frisoli details another instance where Martha Coakley has been soft on crime.

Earlier this year, Larry Frisoli brought criminal charges against a cop, Keith Winfield, accused of raping, beating [the child has a fractured skull, ribs, back and wrist] and burning a two year old child – even after the case was squashed by Coakley’s DA office. Winfield’s father is involved in the Carpenter’s Union from which Coakley has received numerous campaign contributions.

“Martha Coakley choice to not pursue the case is a betrayal of the public’s trust,” said Frisoli. “As District Attorney, her job is to protect the children, not the predators. What makes it even worse it that it appears she choose to not pursue charges for political reasons. We just can’t trust Martha Coakley.”

The text of the radio ad is as follows:


It was the ultimate betrayal of trust.

A police officer in Massachusetts is accused of raping a 2 year-old child -- his very own niece -- who repeatedly says, quote “uncle hit me…uncle hurt me…”

Within days, Social Services seeks criminal prosecution.

But the investigation becomes stalled…

Larry Frisoli steps in and alerts Martha Coakley’s DA’s office that he intends to file criminal charges against the accused rapist.

Martha Coakley’s DA’s office says they will act.

But nothing happens… Nothing.

The accused rapist is also the son of a prominent union activist.

A union that contributed to Coakley’s campaign 17 times.

Only after Frisoli forces Coakley to act are charges brought – at the last possible second.

For one family, it is a nightmare.

But for Martha Coakley it is business as usual.

As your Attorney general, Larry Frisoli will put justice for Massachusetts first.

Larry Frisoli.

Like Deval Patrick, Martha Coakley claims to be tough on crime, but her record indicates otherwise.

You can hear “Betrayal” on radio stations across the Commonwealth or on www.larryfrisoli.com.

From a Frisoli Email
He did an interview about this in the Gardner News yesterday where he tried to draw some connection between this delay and a convoluted path to contributions from the Carpenter's Union to Coakly (to the tune of only ~$6000).

It came off badly and I can't imagine it helped him...
Totally agree. I only hope he has the name recognition he claims he has.

Who? [rolleyes] [sad]

Seriously every time I mention his name in front of a shooter (including club officers), I get a blank stare and they ask me who is he and what's he running for! A month before election, his invisibility to the masses is a kiss of death.
Totally agree. I only hope he has the name recognition he claims he has.

On the flip side , I didn't know who the hell Martha Coakley was until someone
on this board mentioned her being awful to gun owners due to her relationship
to reilly, and then I did some plodding around and found more evidence to back
that up. I think I might have heard her name in passing somewehre before,
but thats about it.

I think unfortunately this could come down to a "D" vs "R" thing too. Larry
seems more visible (I've seen quite a few larry signs, and only ONE martha
coakley sticker, on some prude's car that was driving out of beijing-east (cambridge)
but he may not be visible enough to overcome party bias. I sure hope I'm wrong... and
I'm trying to get the word out.. trying to get everyone I know to vote for him.

Coakley's exposure is on the nightly news! Facing the cameras every time there is a shooting, arrest, etc. in Middlesex County!

She doesn't need the bumper stickers/signs as much as Frisoli does.
I can say that the few people that I have talked too that didnt know Frisoli and DID know Martha, said they didnt like martha anyway and are glad to know that there is another candidate to vote for. (two of them are not big on guns either.. just dont like martha.
I saw an ad by Coakley last night. It wasn't even for herself, but for Patrick! I guess she's pretty confident in her own run that she sees no need to run ads.
Regrettably I think she is right about her self-confidence . . . even though I hope otherwise.

I actually know a few Patrick lovin, Healey haters that saw that ad and have changed their mind to not vote for Coakley because of it.

I'm hoping that with our efforts and those that don't already like her... he can pull it off.

But, if not...

I alreay have a plan to buy my Ar, Para 45, 10/22 and MKII (or P22) before January. I figure these are the guns that I want the most... and if I can get them before Hitler/Rommel take over, I may be able to hide them away.

I havn't given up yet, you never know what can happen. But in terms of
name recognition and that we are so close to the election, there is a big
problem. Its when you ask someone about Larry Frisoli and they draw a
blank, its no suprise to me......

I havn't given up yet, you never know what can happen. But in terms of
name recognition and that we are so close to the election, there is a big
problem. Its when you ask someone about Larry Frisoli and they draw a
blank, its no suprise to me......


Every person who I talk to that doesn't know Larry also has no clue who the hell Martha is either. [hmmm]
There's been almost no press coverage of the AG campaign. It shows a decided lack of professionalism and fairness among the media outlets that should be covering it at least as intently as the governor's race.
Unfortunately, I keep seening Coakley's mug on tv (comercials) and on the radio...

Larry needs to put some air time up and work a possitive ad saying what he has done and plans to do... otherwise when people go to the polls... it will be

Martha Coakley (D)
That other guy (R)

so... unless you are a republican.... most will vote for the one that they have at least heard of... [frown]
Not to mention, the entire article is actually faulty.

They DID indict the guy, but the evidence was not there. The wife refused to testify.

I'm not a Martha fan, but... should she be wasting time on unwinnable cases with no evidence?
When people ask me who is Larry Frisoli ? ( and there have been a lot )
and I tell them that He is the Lawyer going after NAMBLA ( The North American Man-Boy Association ) on the behalf of Jeffrey Curley's Parents , AT HIS OWN EXPENSE , they usually answer , Great He will Get My Vote.
He has to stop being so modest , and get that fact out.
I've been busy teaching of late, and I've asked every one of them if 1, are they registered and 2 do they know Larry. The answers have been yes, and no. So, I tell them about Larry (even though I'm not supposed show my political slip) and ask them to vote for him.

I'm not holding my breath, but I've still got my fingers crossed.
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