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  • luv it!

    full custom exhust from the headers to the tips, TB spacer, intake and a few other goodies under the hood, 18" rims and a little fat in the back, also looking to upgrade the suspension and drop her another inch this summer (depending on cash flow).

    Yeah, she doesnt corner like a porsche and she don't like the bumpy roads.

    but in a stright line, she is hell on wheels and loud ;).

    plus, with the top down, cruisin with the family on a sunday afternoon, life doesnt get much simpler.
    Hey Graham, That is a sweet ride. I had a '71 and a '73 Stang. A friend has a '68' fastback with the liscense plate "MOAB 1". He had to tell registry board that it was "Mustang Owners Association Boston". HEHEHE
    Yes, Ames has a 300 yard range. Enclosed shooting area (shoot all year round :) ) Also a 100 yard range and a steel targe pistol range. And an indoor pistol range. No mag round limit, no limit on rapid fire... draw fire or anything like that. A very safe club and not that expensive... $105 a year (after work party, you dont have to do these though)

    Great group of members too. It is a Shooters club!
    Matt, Does Ames' have a 300 yd. range? I joined Easton R&G but am bummed because they have a 3 round mag limit. My dad lives on Elsie Rd. so I go to Brockton often. I'm also a member at Walpole Sportsman's Assoc. Hope to meet many good folks at 4th shoot. Be well. John
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