2nd Amendment Rally-Quincy, MA, Sat 9/17/05 - 9AM

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Feb 26, 2005
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2nd Amendment Rally!

Saturday, September 17, 2005
Faxon Field, Quincy, MA.
(across from the Quincy Police Station and Mt. Wollaston Cemetary)
Corner of Sea St. & Southern Artery (Rte. 3A)

If you’ve had enough, please join us!

We will be joined by representatives from the NRA, Washington, Gun Owners Action League, Carver Resident Paul Johnson, Constitutional Historian Don Swartz and others!

This is our chance to join together and be heard!

Bring a friend!
Bring a flag!

Bring your enthusiasm and dedication to our rights!
For more info:
Don Kusser
[email protected]
(781) 871-1115
2nd Amendment Rally- Quincy,MA, Sat.9/17/05

Fellow Shooters: This Rally Sat. 9/17 has got to have some support, Chiefs like him, Teehan in Dedham, O'leary in Brookline and the one in Grafton(I think it's Grafton),have got to hear loud and clear that clearly, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, end of story!! We've got to step up to the plate and now's the time, for far to long many gun owners are just sitting there waiting for this to blow over!! I can't for the life of me see how. at this date and time, that this can still be a wait and see approach to the obvious collecting of all our firearms!! And next bayonets, swords, knives,etc.etc. Let me tell you a short story, I recently went to by a sling for my Garand,__ A SLING___ they couldn't sell it to me, it's now a restricted ITEM TO MASS SEE YOU THERE JOE LANDERS
Len - if I didn't have to go to a fund raiser for my cousin, I'd be there. (He was in a car accident last Nov - car rolled 4 times and he was thrown out - he's now paralyzed from the chest down because of it and the house isn't wheelchair friendly, ergo, the fund raiser to upgrade the house.)
Lynne, sorry to hear about your Cousin. Good luck with the fund-raiser.
Lynne my sympathy for your family and cousin. I wish him my best. I would love to go to the rally. Unfortunately I already have plans. Is there any other’s coming up in the near future?
Len, how long will it last?

Also, directions?

and finally... will it be a problem if I bring a folding chair so I can get off my feet during this?

I'm assuming that there will be parking somewhere nearby?
Moderator said:
Is there any other’s coming up in the near future?

No, this is a "one shot" deal organized by Don Kusser. The Quincy chief took to rejecting many LTC apps, and downgrading almost everyone on renewal from ALP to "target and hunting only". Therefore, Don organized a number of meetings with the City Council and this is another attempt to particularly embarrass the Quincy chief.

This is similar to the rally GOAL held in Carver for similar reasons a few years ago. Net result there was election of pro-gun Selectmen and the chief leaving.
dwarven1 said:
Len, how long will it last?

Also, directions?

and finally... will it be a problem if I bring a folding chair so I can get off my feet during this?

I'm assuming that there will be parking somewhere nearby?

As the info I posted above, it is scheduled to end at 12Noon. :)

Directions: Can't do that as different folks will come from different directions. Use your favorite mapping software/website and target the intersection of Southern Artery/Sea St/Coddington St to find the way from your home.

It's a park (I am vaguely familiar with it), chairs are no problem and perhaps a good idea.

Parking: Side streets to either side of Coddington St should have available parking. Heed the signs, as Quincy does enforce parking restrictions. You should be able to park within 1-2 blocks of the park on the side streets. BTW, the location is only ~3 blocks from the T-Station (Quincy Square) Red Line.
To all: The direction's to Quincy are a bit difficult, because i'ts on eastern (ocean ) side of route Route 3 (southeast expressway ), but two major roads, Adams ST. and Furnace Brook Parkway, go almost directly to the Mt. Wollaston Cemetary and Faxon Park, and also the Quincy Police Station. I haven't been there myself in a few year's, but map's and memory remind me it's not to difficult to find, besides who doesn't know where the Police station is?? Also the weather isn't going to cooperate, but what else is new!!
Although the weather is predicted to be nasty this morning, it is important to have a good showing from concerned gun owners!

Don Kusser has invited the media and he's rightfully worried that if a lot of folks don't show up, the message will be clear . . . that gun owners don't give a damn about abusive licensing and it's OK for Quincy and other towns to revert back to restrictive licensing or denying women, just because they can!

Thus, my Wife and I will head over to this event and hope the weather doesn't become too nasty. Afterwards (or earlier if the weather turns particularly nasty), we'll head over to Braintree R&P to do some pistol shooting.

I'll be wearing a camo hat with "USA" and a flag overlaid with an Eagle on it. Come over and introduce yourself.
Well, drizzle and soggy!

50+ people showed up. No podium, no microphone. A few holding signs towards oncoming traffic got some attention. No visible media (just as well with the numbers). We did get there late (1015ish). It ran til ~11AM.

Then we went over to BR&P and shot for a hour or so.

We met "John J" from Boston at the event.
I was woefully late for how close the protest was to Dorchester. But we had a 9am appointment this morning in downtown Brookline, so I couldn't get to Quincy before 10:30.

It was good meeting you, Len. And thanks for the heads up about the protest. The Quincy situation is especially worrisome for me, since it's right next door.

The quality of the people at the protest was pretty significant, IMHO. I heard that there were about 50 protestors, (by the time I showed up people were starting to leave), but those present were obviously voters and involved with the community. Contrast that to the bunch of college students/non-voters/anarchist types that show up at most protests. If I was the chief of police, I'd be concerned. These were real people who were angry, not the permanentally disaffected.

I felt that I was about the only guy there without a armed forces baseball cap :)
Nice meeting you too.

Mine really isn't an armed forces hat. Just a camo hat with USA and Eagle over flag. Picked it up last year at the Hopkinton (NH) Fair . . . thought it was cool and patriotic.

I never served in the armed forces, just my paycheck was one-step removed for ~11 years (working in the "military-industrial complex").
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