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Why Are Big Sports Leagues Lobbying Congress For Gun Control?

I got that impression this morning when the first thing I saw when I opened my news portal was something about a player who wasn't even one of the quarterbacks. I assume he must be Mr. Taylor Swift. Glad I missed everything having to do with her.
And hillary clinton troll her this morning. What an important news !! They are preparing her!!!
Sports leagues have an AMAZING track record of being on the wrong side of human rights cases.

Baseball was clearly anti-black until Jackie Robinson in 1947 - about 80 years since it was decreed that all men were created equal under the law. The Sox were anti-black until they signed. . . .well, hell, until Tom Yawkey died. (Bumpsy or Pumpsy or Dumpty Green. 2 years later.)

Well, actually, the Sox didn't get the message until almost 4 decades later. . . .

The Elks Club of Winter Haven, Florida, the Red Sox spring training home, did not permit black members or guests. Yet the Red Sox allowed the Elks into their clubhouse to distribute dinner invitations to the team's white players, coaches, and business management. When Tommy Harper, a popular black former player and coach for Boston, then working as a minor league instructor, protested the policy and a story appeared in The Boston Globe, he was promptly fired.

LOL. What a bunch of morons. Ditto for the Elks. It was the 1980s and they STILL DIDN'T ALLOW BLACKS INTO THE LODGE! WTF???

Let's not forget the NFL and wife-beating.

I digress. Deciding constitutional issues facing the republic is NOT trusted to some guy that can hit or throw or catch a ball in a kids game. I don't get why the Left is so hell-bent on this. It's like they don't understand how government works. . . oh wait. They don't. LOL
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