Transferring an AR out of MA to another state


Feb 16, 2006
Southern MA
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First time posting here.

I tried to do a search but couldn't find a definitive answer.

If I want to transfer an AR to someone in another state, can I ship it directly to his/her FFL, or do I need to ship it through my FFL?

Is there any paperwork equivalent to the FA10 that I need to fill out?

Thanks in advance.
By Federal Law, you may ship a long arm (rifle or shorgun) direct to any Type 01 FFL (Regular Dealer). You will need to make sure the gun is legal in the other state, if it's going to a specific individual.

MassState Law, may differ, but, probably NOT.
You're correct Nickle. As long as the firearm is legal in the receiving person's state, you're fine shipping to the receiving person's FFL. and welcome to the forum jng. :D
I knew it was legal Federally, just wasn't sure about the state.

OBTW, my apologies. I didn't realize it was your first post. Forgive my lack of manners. Welcome to the forum. I hope you like it here.
i believe I just met JNG for a FTF ammo transaction.

I would like to add that Im pretty sure you need to put the ink sign FFL in a pouch on the outside of the package.

and dont let them tell you it needs to go overnight.
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