Three H-47 Chinook helicopters over Medfield at 10:15 AM today

The Chinooks today were carrying a 3 Star general who visited Bishop Fehan HS. The general is attending the Army Navy game this weekend, but this particular flight was about the visit and landing at his Alma Mata, Feehan.

Only reason I know this is I saw it on the news. My kids attend a rival Catholic HS and I’ve coached against Feehan. I can’t stand that school, but have to admit this is pretty cool.
Not very Christian of you. Lol
What the frick is the boom pole sticking out front?

Mid-air refueling.


They came over our house in Norwood yesterday AM, headed towards Gillette. Shook the crap out of the house! Probably no more than 300 ft.
I think they are coming out of Norwood.
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