Somebody lost a good woman

That is not a “woman”
Money on trans
No crime IMO either way
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It's amazing how smoking ages some people, particularly once they reach their 50s, it's like they skip their 50s and go right into their 60s.

It’s around 40 you start to hear it in their voice. No later than 50 the skin turns to wrinkled leather. The only people that really smoke cigs today are old alcoholics and young drug addicts.

Not sure why, but it seems like the only people who smoke are those that can’t afford the habit.
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Archie Bunker was supposed to have celebrated his fiftieth birthday in a 1974 episode of All in the Family. I'm three years older than that right now. [shocked]
Redd foxx was age 50 to 55 during the 5 year run of Sanford & Son.

Wilford Brimley was 50 when he made Coccoon. Granted they also made him look older for the role, but it didn’t look like they had to do much, and his co-stars don Ameche and Hume Cronyn were in their 70’s.
She looks so much happier in this picture.
Nothing she did should be against the law. That's the takeaway I get. Those look like rifles that comes from some uncle's collection that she inherited on his death.
Old School NES agrees.
We should follow this story and see how it ends.
She's getting jammed up on a whole lot of assumptions, not being able to afford a lawyer, and ugliness.
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