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shipping gun into ma


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Dec 18, 2005
Brockton, ma
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sorry, not sure if this is the right place
but I'm trying to veryify if a gun can be brought into ma, if it's preban

i am interested in a feather at9 which, I know new production is not allowed in ma, but can I buy one online, that was made pre 1994 and have it transfered into ma?
I was told by one gun shop, NO, and Yes by another?
I'm confused, and don't want to end up in jail or loosing my money

any help is appreciated

It's a preban (1994) rifle, yes it can be shipped into Mass and legally transfered to you. Class A LTC of course because it's HI-CAP

Welcome to the forum! Hope you enjoy it here. You posted your question in the proper forum. Here's my response:


What exactly is a "feather at9"? I can't recognize anything from this name . . .

Is it a pistol? rifle? shotgun?

ONLY pistols have to meet the BS of being on the EOPS List or "in-state" on 10/21/98 in order to be transferred into MA.

Pre-ban rifles/shotguns have no such restriction and can freely be sold/transfered by a MA FFL/Dealer.

Jon, slight correction:

- LTC-A required for hi-cap pistols (and good for everything else except full auto).

- LTC-B is the minimum for hi-cap rifles/shotguns and OK for everything else EXCEPT hi-cap pistols. LTC-B also forbids concealed carry of anything by statute.
Jon, thank you for the info, now I just have to find one resonably priced

lens, feather at9 is a 9mm rifle w/ a collapsable stock
totally takedown. you can check out the new production models at


I have the 22lr version and it's a great gun to shoot, now I want to get the 9mm

thx for the help

Good luck in your quest, Gary. Average between what, $600-900?
And welcome to the board.
Thanks Len [wink]
"It's a preban (1994) rifle, yes it can be shipped into Mass and legally transfered to you. Class A LTC of course because it's HI-CAP"

Incorrect. "Large capacity" LONG arms, i.e., rifles and shotguns capable of holding in excess of 10 and 5 rounds, respectively, only require a Class B LTC to possess.

It's POSSESSING "large capacity" handguns and/or CARRYING any handgun that requires a Class A.

feather was a small company, that was bought out, then went belly up, but came back for another try.
they were specifically named in some of the weapon bans, so I think that kind of wiped them out the first times

c-pher, you stated there are 4 dealers that carry this gun,
can you tell me who? if it's not to bad of a ride, it may be worth my while

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