A local MA Gun Ban Group - Falmouth Gun Safety Coalition

so, this guy in particular chaps my ass. Wouldn't a man of the cloth understand that Satan's argument was that God was a tyrant and did not provide free will? This same clown would advocate for a full on tyrannic act..
Just because he declares a he is a man of the clothe doesn't mean he is a man of God or a man of his word.
Religion in the northeast at least, has been completely hijacked by insanely far left, activist idiots, who have turned their congregations into propaganda machines. My ex was a member of Old West Church in Boston, and the new minister turned out to be a far-left, woke, lesbian, feminist, who during the couple of times I visited, said nothing about Jesus or Christian doctrine, and instead obsessed about social justice, LGBT stuff, BLM, and every other Marxist doctrine.

To the "chaplain":

"Massachusetts has a history of protecting children from predators."
"We have laws against child abuse and they have worked pretty well."
"However the priesthood has a sad history of predatory priests many of whom have escaped prosecution. The church has shielded them, moved them around and refused in many cases to cooperate with authorities and law enforcement"
"So I think we should just go ahead and ban all priests because clearly the laws aren't protecting our kids from them."
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