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S&W 6904

What should I do for the Hardware (slide release, hammer, ect)

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Apr 27, 2005
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Well I have been working on this for a few weeks I haven't said much about it except for a post in the classified looking for parts a lil’ while back. It's not %100 but it's close. I am waiting for my new grips and I might change all the hardware to stainless.

This is what I started with SW6904. Got it Used at a local gun shop for $325 It use to have a nice even blue, but I tried to touch up a little spot and it ruined it in that area. Then I tried to do the whole thing....it was a bummer.

This is the First stage of Disassemble. Removed the Grips and Slide.

Here is the frame all ready for new anodize. I had it done at T&T Anodize in Lowell. Blue Anodize $75

Here is the stainless slide I ebayed. $58.50 shipped

Here is the slide after I buffed and polished it.

Here is the gun at %95 complete.

All Done!

More to come.
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Wow! My carry pistol is a 6906 and that anodizing is downright
crazy! Could you take some more pictures of it? my frame
is looking a little scruffy and I wonder if something like that
(but in a more subdued color) would be a nice think to do.

If you powder coated the slide you could have it match or contrast the
anodizing, creating a very unique look. With the blue frame it will never
look "typical" so why not have fun?

There will be more pictures. I just need the right lighting. As you prob know already th 6904 didn't come with the stainless slide. This slide is from the 6906. It may sound crazy... what do ya think of Yellow powder'd hardware?
oh, my eyes !!!!!

I vote stainless. Get the perp to look at the blue, and whiles his eyes are transfixed, catch him in the eyes with a glare of sunlight off the polished slide, temporarily blinding him, and then hit him on the head with it. Lots less problems than shooting him ! :)
Nickle said:
IMNSHO, it looks like something a pimp would carry. But then, I'm into black, evil guns anyways. Besides, I'm just a Woodchuck from the sticks.

Heh. My buddy got a job working uniformed security. The only handgun he had was a Charter Arms snubbie, so he asked his brother the state trooper if he had something he could have. Only gun that his brother had was a large frame Llama .45 - spanish copy of the 1911 - that he'd just had hard chromed. Thing still looks like something that a pimp would carry - a chrome .45! (with a National Match barrel and bushing - Fitz is a VERY good shot.)

That looks pretty unique. You can polish the slide and then just bead blast the rounded top and put a brush finish on the sides with a gray scotch brite pad.

Do you have more info on T&T for the anodizing? I have some valve covers I need done.
That looks pretty unique. You can polish the slide and then just bead blast the rounded top and put a brush finish on the sides with a gray scotch brite pad. ...

Do you have some examples of what these processes will produce? Or did you just make this up?
I would have run a 30 LPI checkering file across the long cuts on the front strap to yield some nice checkering and left the rest of the gun alone. I'm not a pimp.
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