S&W 500

Don't listen to NES, bunch of SOI BOIS here.

I was told a 2 or 3" 44mag would be bad. It was awesome, I only stopped shooting because I couldn't shoot someone else's entire box of ammo.
Tomorrow you can shoot more out of it!!
Depends on the load. Honestly I didn't think 500 out of a 4" was that bad but the load variation is gigantic.

454 casull though, that cartridge can go f*** itself. What a snappy, shitty cartridge when run hot. I think the problem is the guns are not heavy enough for the amount of juice being generated I mean I even fired it through a buddy's Super Redhawk and it was still f****** abusive . I'd much rather shoot 500s any day of the week.
I've had two Casull's both were 4 5/8". One was magnaported from the factory. I shot my wild bore with the non ported Casull using Casull's factory ammo which as you probably know was hot. I had no issues with either of them. Both were also stupid accurate.
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Was looking for a 500 8" but found a great deal on a 4". Anyone shooting a 4" and can compare to an 8" ( talking about barrel length here):cool:

I have the 2 5/8" the 5" and the 8 3/8". Big difference in all of them but the 5 is mi favorito

IIRC, he destroyed the forcing cones on several barrels with these loads.

Smith will replace the barrel for free. You get about 500 full power loads before you need it.

Wow, I really feel foolish for owning and liking the Ruger Alaskan in 454. Maybe I'm a recoil junkie or something, but I actually like it and don't find the recoil and follow up shots any different then shooting the 500 S&W. You want to talk hurt, shoot the 500gr round out of the S&W 500. It has the potential to cut the webbing between thumb and forefinger.

I've shot everything up to 800 gr out of them and you wear out quick. Ten rounds of that stuff is enough. I do it at the end of the range session.

Have fun with it - always puts a smile on my face.
Ya the first time I shot a 500 it was the 4" model. It was painful for sure. My warm 44 mag reloads is enough recoil for me
It's pretty rough to put mildly. I probably have about 50 rounds through the 4 inch and I'm not exactly seeking out more anytime soon. I'd choose a 340pd with 357 all day.

I can handle the slap of the 340pd. I really don't like how the 500 tries or does break grips. Maybe it's my grip I'm not exactly a revolver guy.
I really appreciate my 4 inch 500 mag. The longer 8" barrel kicks more due to dwell time. I load light lead loads that are comparable to a stout 38 and some killer kickers that will try to plant the front sights into your forehead if you are not careful.

The infamous Scrivner used it to qualify for his RI pistol permit since they don't allow you to carry any caliber larger than what you shoot the Army "L" target with for your qualification.

Thanks again to Eddie Coyle for supplying the projectiles for that adventure & Rob Boudrie for being the NRA certified overseer.

Heavy thumpy recoil not so bad

Light snappy fast recoil is dog shit

Thats why garbage like an SW340 PD hurts more than a 500 SW shooting 700gr log loads. 🤣
Buddy of mine had one - worst gun I've ever fired. Shot 3 rounds then handed it back to him. It feels like the web of your hand is being hit with a hammer.
I own an 8 3/8. I didn't expect it, but it's the most accurate pistol I've ever shot. I shot a 4" and noticed 2 things. It's a little less accurate but velocity is almost the same.
The recoil is heavy but not painful. I shot a very light .357 only once and handed it back. It hurt to shoot. My son who is a bit nuts shoots my 500 one handed.
1250 for the lot. Didn’t really need it but Hard to pass up. Almost 700 in accessories. Alone.

Congrats, I posted over at the other thread in regards to handloading if that's and option. So now we can expect a full range report and YOUR specific takeaway on percieved recoil , hopefully you find your 500 managable and enjoyable to shoot.
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