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NH Gun Grab 2024?

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Aug 3, 2018
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Big day Friday Feb 2nd for NH gun grabbers! Need to ask you all to take 5 mins and log your positions….

Go here:
The New Hampshire House of Representatives

Select: Feb 2nd
Select: House Criminal Justice & Public Safety

Here are the bills and suggestions (note this is from a gun grabber site so I corrected):

9:30 a.m. HB 1050-FN, relative to establishing a voluntary waiver of the right to purchase a firearm. This bill allows for a voluntary do-not-sell list. SUPPORT OPPOSE

10:00 a.m. HB 1186-FN, relative to firearm purchaser’s privacy. This bill prohibits the assigning of a specific merchant code to the sale of firearms, ammunition, or firearm accessories. OPPOSE SUPPORT

10:30 a.m. HB 1336, relative to employees’ firearms in locked vehicles. This bill prohibits employers from inquiring into, searching for, or banning employee's storage of firearms or ammunition in their locked vehicles and provides civil immunity to employers for any economic loss, injury, or death that results from an employer's adherence to this law. OPPOSE SUPPORT

11:00 a.m. HB 1337-FN, relative to the return of weapons and ammunition upon expiration of protective orders. This bill changes the burden to the plaintiff to file a request for a hearing prior to the expiration of a protective order or else any and all firearms, ammunition, or specified deadly weapons will be returned to the defendant. This bill further removes the prohibition that law enforcement agencies shall not release firearms, ammunition, or specified deadly weapons without a court order. OPPOSE SUPPORT

11:30 a.m. HB 1711-FN, authorizing the state to report the names of prohibited persons to the NICS firearms background check system for those adjudicated for involuntary mental health commitments, or not deemed competent to stand trial. The bill also establishes a process to restore firearms rights ("relief") post-commitment. SUPPORT Meh. I suppose they will report us all so OPPOSE.

12:00 p.m. HB 1701-FN, relative to annulments of records related to involuntary commitments (establishes an inadequate and harmful process) OPPOSE SUPPORT
Thanks for putting this out. I can't believe (!) that they don't/can't a description or summary of the bill on their feedback site.
Yeah it’s a bit of a cross referencing pain in the ass. The bill text can be found pretty easily if you search “NH HB####” on the web.
Those commies put up these bills every year. f*** them. I am have zero respect for commies, and I’m done being polite to any of them. They are sub human.

New Hampshire state Senate defeats series of gun control bills

The New Hampshire state Senate defeated a series of gun control bills on Thursday.
Legislation to enforce a gun purchase waiting period, expand background checks and a red flag law all went down along party lines....
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